Random Trait Ideas

I know many have mentioned their ideas for new traits, but here are mine:

Lethal: Deal 2x skull damage to poisoned enemies.

Holy Armor: Causes true damage to damage armor first.

Reaper: Gain a soul any time an ally matches skulls.

Grave: Gain 1 to all stats per allied and enemy troop that dies.

Barrier: 50% chance to negate a spell targeted on the troop.

Reflect: 30% chance to negate a negative status effect, then apply it to all enemies.

Unstable: Upon death, deal 5 damage to all enemies and 2 to all allies.

Sap: Skull pairs drain 2 mana that gets transferred to attacker. (0 mana gain if enemy has no mana)

First: Allows your team to go first when defending in PvP.

Magic Blitz: All allies gain 1 magic when invading in PvP.

Backdoor: When matching a skull pair, allows the troop to choose between attacking the first or last troop.

Follower: Gain +2 to all stats if in the last position.

Passive: Restore 2 to all stats if no damage is inflicted on the enemy this turn. (“heal”, not additional)

Morphic: Rotates attack with armor, armor with HP, and HP with attack at the start of each turn. (any 0 value becomes 1)

K.O. Resist: If HP and/or Armor is at or above base value, any attack that will cause death is negated to 1 HP. (Armor would have to be lowered below base value to kill with true damage. Would also help prevent a huge skull pair to take something from max HP or max HP/Armor down to instant kill.)

Support: Give a random ally a random stat every time this troop casts.


Favored Enemy: Give all allies +1 attack if facing a team including “X troop type” (to pair with “X type” slayer traits)

Tactician: 30% chance to overrule Agile trait trigger

Whirlwind Attack: 50% chance to randomly split skull damage amongst all enemies

Martyr: when in first position, 30% chance to take spell damage targeted to other allies

Meat Shield: 30% chance to redirect damage to another random ally

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Flagbearer : Mandatory target of opponent ability if possible

Mana Leach [color] : When enemy gains [color] mana steals 1 of it.

Fire shield: deals 20% of incoming damage to its source

Trample: excess skull damage is dealt to next

Lance: Additionally deals 50% of its skull damage to the second (next) character

Battle cry: When damages a creature it gets silenced for 2 turns

Mana absorb: when deals damage steals half of mana (max 3 per color)

Berserk: When deals damage, deals additional 100% to enemy and 50% to self

Spook: When deals damage, causes the victim to activate its ability on self


Flank/Ambush/Surprise: Randomises the order of the enemy at the start of battle. (This trait could be a bit OP!)

Magic Mirror: % chance that a spell cast against it, is mirrored back to the caster.

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like the flank. maybe to avoid op - does to both sides?

Mana Stream trait - Every allies get 2+ pts mana each after beating an enemy

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Muscles - the troop gets +1 attack when an enemy troop use magic.

Skulls friend - ally give 25% of taken damage from the skull damage to the enemy.
Skulls hero - ally give 50% of taken damage from the skull damage to the enemy.

Miracle - every troop get +1 magic for every troop enemy has taken. (max 3 magic if you have one troop left)

Miracle bless - the ally with this trait get +2(or +3 not sure) magic when an ally dies. (max 6 magic possible - if hes the only troop left)

This one is a Status Effect but I would call it “Amnesia”: Target Troop loses all learned Trait abilities. This would work like any other status effect (10% chance to cure each time and Cleanse would remove it). Could stop things like the various Mana Links, Agile, True Shot and Slayers in their tracks. Impervious would actually be useful :wink:


I’d like to see traits that modify spells. Like improving Mark Prey of the Dire Wolf to hit all opponents. Or improving Entangle of the Nymph to also remove all armor of the target. Or improving Boom! of the Bombardier to cause the random target to burn. Or improving Wild Hunt of Orion to always to cause max damage. Currently we have none of that, could make a lot of underwhelming troops much more interesting without breaking arena.

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i wish i could +1 x1000 this. that would be a neat spell. even if it wasnt target and was random troop.

Yeah I think it’ll be a neat status effect myself! Perhaps have a new troop that has a spell that inflicts Anmesia or a weapon (Warhammer) that damages and the bonk on the head inflicts Trait removal :wink:

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if it were a weapon you would see more heroes in battle!

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I can tell you: That makes Orion OP as hell, when paired with supporters.

Eat: 10% chance to eat the enemy up on the attack
Big eater: 15% chance to eat the enemy up on the attack

No swearing please, kids are reading this too…

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I’m curious if anyone’s trait idea will make it as a legendary trait. :slight_smile:


Berserk: enemy targets the caster with spells and skull damage.
Clone: At the start of battle, you may clone the traits (or stats(or both???) of target creature… actually that might be best as a new troop’s ability… shapeshifter troop. I’m not thinking of mtg lol.

Ok basically, loads of mtg cards could be traits.

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Hmm just playing the “let’s guess the new legendary trait” game here but hers a couple based on some of my previous ideas:

Orion - Homing Device: Hunters Mark will apply skull damage on afflicted enemy regardless of troop position.
The Silent One - Amesia: Hush will also cast Silence on traits on all enemy and himself (in addition to spells and mana generation).