Idea for a new damage-reduction trait

How about a trait for some Troops that reduces damage originating from a specific Mana Color of attacking Troop? Think of it like the defensive counterpart of spells/traits that increase damage to Troops with certain Mana Colors.

  • This would apply equally to Skull and Spell damage, and also damage caused by passive traits (e.g. Blast Tower, Ironhawk). In all cases, it depends on the Mana Color(s) of the troop who triggered the damage.
  • It would not apply to secondary damage incurred from explosions.
  • As a general design rule, Troops should not have this trait in combination with other skull/spell resistance traits (as it would potentially stack).


I just want to play quick and easy matches. I personally don’t care about guild wars.
Sorry, but for your idea I have no use at all.
Fully against any traits that “reduce” and lead to “more time wasted” because devs will find a way to “make exactly this happen” with random awful team setups that work against us at some point.