Random extra turn

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So playing the delve event. Running a nice double Tina team with Mechanist class. 1 of my Tina are up, so I cast it, it kills 3 of the enemy (only on level 30) and then its my turn still. No matches, no end turn.

Tina should not give an extra turn in any way. It has 0 impact on the board, so no chance of a cascade giving a 4+ match. Its skill doesnt mention it.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

This has happened before with other troops. I have mentioned it on discords, wondering if I was going insane, but could never pin point anything down. But now, 100% sure this happened.

Steps to make it happen again

Sadly, its just random :frowning:

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Was it right at the start of the battle? If you bought shop tiers to explode gems at the start of the battle and those explosions cascade into an extra turn, you get to move twice in a row.

2nd or 3rd move in.

Had cast MC to fill Tina 1st move, then cast Tina next move. Then had to match more gems to cast Tina again

Did your Mountain Crusher also cascade into an extra turn? Then your Tina move might have received the initially saved up extra turn.

Was a separate turn, they had a turn in between

In ToD i had this often, always the second turn, no matter what i do, cast, doing a 3-match or take a skull.
This event i don’t remember but yay maybe.
Never happened in other gamemodi.

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Saved up extra turns? Do these exist? I always though it was a bug

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They are pretty common when you buy the Potion of Explosion from the event shop. It’s hard to tell whether it’s a bug or not, it has been reported a few times the past months, so far nobody bothered to reply or update the known issues list. I guess this will receive the usual handling, in a couple of years from now the behavior will suddenly change, with the devs claiming that it always worked like this and nothing was ever modified.