Must be missing something

I have reached the point where this aspect of the game is souring my experience. I notice this mostly in delves but also in every other sector. The computer routinely gets extra turns when only a three match was made. I checked all the traits before I asked. And there wasn’t simply a sneaky four match without the “extra turn” icon popping up… I know sometimes in fast speeds you can miss things. But this is blatant. And its beyond infuriating in delves especially which are already tough enough without this extra SHIT. Pardon my French please. I have been playing for about six months and have noticed this consistently. Please folks if I’m missing something fill me in. I never knew to leave one delve at level 20 so until the new faction pops up I will use for farming I’m stuck with all level 100. I refuse to go higher until I have more power behind me. Any help for a frustrated guy who actually likes the game and his new merged guild?

There have been scattered reports of this for as long as the new, unified Unity engine’s been used. Sometimes, it’s been confirmed. Sometimes, changes are made that supposedly fix it. But there are usually people who come back and say it’s still happening. Sometimes, videos are posted. That’s usually when fixes happen.

Sadly, that’s basically it. Unless you can describe a game situation where it happens every time, a video’s the only way to prove you saw it happen. Mysteriously, it doesn’t seem to happen when Tacet or any other GoW streamer is playing, or if it has I haven’t seen it.

If you’re on a console, most of them as far as I know have a one-touch button to save the last 30 seconds of gameplay. So I think your best bet is to utilize that button. Rewatch the video, try to figure out what’s going on, then post it here if you catch it in action. On PC/mobile, it’s a bit tougher to do this, and short of streaming the game continuously when you play you probably won’t catch it.

Figured as much. No I’m a phone warrior… So I guess I’ll go hit the heavy bag for a bit

But 100 percent of delves ive done has hadthis happen especially at the final stages

Happening all week in tower of doom to me. This single thing makes me the most angry. If you considered how frequent and widespread this issue is, it would break the economy if it were fixed. Maybe me missing out on 3000 gold or losing one sigil here and there is no big deal, but total everyone’s gold and lost resources and its a big thing. Even when you can prove it, it’s not with the effort to report, since you get base rewards as compensation without trophies, event progress, guild wars points, or armor/VIP/RoW bonuses.

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At least some causes of this is supposedly fixed in the any day now new patch.

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I have to admit, me and a few others in my guild have mentioned this recently. I know i wasnt frozen, but it still happens sometimes. Not enough to really be able to know when it may again, but enough through the week that its noticed