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Raising troop level caps

To help ease some of these ridiculous new modes where the enemies go to levels that are quadruple what we can have, why not allow us to raise all cards to 25 or 30.


level 100 plox! i have the souls for it already xD


Lol. Not all of us do. I’m a lowly 950 and still leveling troops for double kingdom bonus.l
I think a solid 5k PER level over 20 though. To really put a dent in some of you over souled bastards lol. Also no real desire to find more copies of cards. So just get to mythic and go to 30.

Not going to happen unless we get a rarity tier above mythic, which we’ve been told repeatedly won’t happen. I can’t imagine many people wanting it either.


I might have missed this one, where exactly have it been confirmed?

I remember sirrian saying it one of salty’s streams. I’m almost positive it was when he was on in I think march, not his last appearance.

I think every devs said it will never happen

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Okay, thanks everyone.

card levels have been raised 2 times in the past without new rarity being added only when it went from 15 to 20 was when mythic happened the 2 dont have to correlate,though probably not many remember when troops were level 10 and then 15 max xD


I think this is more an issue of some troop abilities scaling a lot better against high level troops than others.
It does not seem that hard to deal with high level opponents, if you use cards that are based in their effect on enemy values (Mang, Warlord’s Battlecry, anything dealing damage boosted by opponents life, etc.).
I would much rather see some more rebalancing of existing cards than increasing the level cap.


“Never higher than Mythic” has been said repeatedly ever since we got to Mythic. By most devs.