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Raid Boss Questions?

Will there be other bosses besides Zuul’Goth in raid boss?
Or will it just keep cycling this current boss for infinity? :rofl:

I know there are 6 types of Zuul’Goth can someone please answer what all 6 types are?

Will these 6 types always cycle in the same order, but the Kingdom troops will change?
If the order always remains consistent, what exactly is that order?


I think we would get another Raid Bosses eventually. But I might be after at least a year or two.

For all 6 types of Zuul’Goth, you can check Lyya’s website here

We only circle through 4 version of Zuul’Goth, with its matching minions (except first time in Shantang with Ice Boss but Dark minion). So we’re still 2 more to go.

In my opinion, it might not go through new circle with exact same order. It might depend more on difficulty of Kingdom it’s in.

And consider the next Raid Boss event, we might got this version. It will be brutal…



for everybody’s sanity, I sincerely hope that isn’t the next one. Zaejin already looks terrible for Raid as is.

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As soon as a few people craft Zuul that’s when we’ll get a new raid boss. Devs don’t want anyone with full collections.

If i get to choose between Zeajin and Ghulvania, I prefer this version to be next. At least I can do endless extra turn to keep the boss from casting. In my opinion, it’s the only kingdom that should be possible. Other kingdoms will result in very difficult game in late level, using devour might be only hope to counter.


In the Boss level 300+ range, you won’t be able to get enough extra turns to make it a viable strategy. Goblin loops eventually do stop and a lifetime supply of life doesn’t matter if you get instakilled.

The biggest issue is that the Zaejin Raid boss killer is a gift and a liability. The Godslayer is Stealthy and will get Mang killed, leaving you with no troops to do hundreds of damage to scaling troops.

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Eventually, but not for some time. I don’t have any eta on that.

Icy Zuul’ Goth
Toxic Zuul’Goth
Fiery Zuul’Goth
Storm Zuul’Goth
Dark Zuul’ Goth
Buried Zuul’Goth


And they all one shot kill you so don’t worry about that :slight_smile:

Yes but devs don’t choose the easy way for players. Quite the opposite.

So expect the Dark one who freeze every troops so no extra-turn for Goblin…

Yeah… no matter which version of Zuul’Goth turn out to be, next raid might be the worst raid ever. Right now it’s Toxic Zuul’Goth with mana generating Naga minions.

Maybe Mang & Black beast combo might help things a bit.

Thanks everyone for the replies! :sunglasses:

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