Raid boss Questions and answers

hi everyone, since Raid boss will start in less then 10h and we not sure if we will get more infos about it before it start, i decided to create a list of question to ask to the devs so they can check and answer when they got the time, feel free to add your questions to the list

  1. when we reach Zull Goth, is there a Kill limit or it is unlimitted?

  2. is there a Time limit to kill a boss?

  3. raid boss shop: we know we need to buy each tier to reach the next one but do we need to use gems or it is similar as the soulforge and we can unlock it by defeating any troop in any game modes?

  4. it seem we got a timer when the Sigils are resetted, is it happening every day or couples hours? if hours how long?

  5. during raid boss event we got a chance to see valraven and they give us Sigils if we kill them, but what about the gnome? we still have a chance to see them appear or it is exclusively valraven?

  6. we can use hero depending of the class but what happen when the weekly kingdom event doesn’t have a hero class? can we still use him?

  7. we know we need to use kingdom troop during raid boss battle but what happen if we don’t have enough troop of that kingdom?? can we use non related kingdom troops? if so are we penalised??

  8. how work the raid boss chest? is it similar as guild chest, do we need to unlock several chest tier to reach the best rewards?

  9. if a guild start the event with only 28 players, is it possible to add 2 players to the guild and are they avalaible to participate to the current event?

  10. what happen if 2 member start the same fight at the same time?

  11. If some members are away will it hurt our chances at the raid boss, do all 30 need to be present to unlock it?

  12. Raid boss shop: when you unlock a tier, is it unlocked for next Raid boss event, or you need to unlock it every time?

  13. can we keep our Raid boss keys for next event?


If some members are away will it hurt our chances at the raid boss, do all 30 need to be present to unlock it?

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Hey everyone, here’s a few answers to your questions:

You can keep fighting Zuul’Goth as long as you have the Sigils.

The week :stuck_out_tongue:


Currently the timer is set to each day at daily reset (same as Guild Wars).

Only the Valraven will spawn. It will also be much higher and consistent for everyone across the event compared to the Gnome.

The hero isn’t limited by what class you’re using, you can use any class any week (or none!). :slight_smile:

You’re not penalised in so far that you don’t do less damage or get less points, but you won’t be able to use troops from other Kingdoms, no.

Raid Boss chest was possibly from an old screen shot? There is just the Rewards and Raid Boss Shop.

People can join the guild in the middle of the week and start participating in that guild’s efforts straight away.

Raid boss fights are individual, with the damage from the battle going towards a total to destroy a Portal.

More players present = more damage

It is reset with each event.


thank you so much for the answers you rock!!

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unanswered questions

  1. Raid boss shop: when you unlock a tier, is it unlocked for next Raid boss event, or you need to unlock it every time?

  2. can we know more about the rewards??



They will get to it when they can, but I am happy to mention it.

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@Rickygervais, I think our team has a done a really good job answering your questions. You’ll have to wait for event changeover now. We have a lot to get through today. :slight_smile:


alright ty for the answers you can’t blame me to try :slight_smile:

can you please pin the thread so at least people know there is some answers?


Ah shucks I was going to ask how many Gems it’ll cost to buy a copy of a Raid Troop. And will I have to buy 16 copies at whatever the Gem price is to ascend it to Mythic?


Depending on how it goes, it breaks or “makes” the game tomorrow, since we’ll have to unlock the shop by paying gems every time.


Could we maybe get all of that compiled into an article on the support site, please? Will be easier to find in the future.

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Thanks for the info! :smiley:


ouch this one gonna hurt, i hope we can win some gems during the event cause many people won’t be able to follow