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Where will be the next invasion?

Will it be in Glacial Peaks? Or in Zhul’Kari? Just to be prepared for it.

It seems next Raid boss is in Glacial Peaks.
Next invasion looks like it will be in Forest of thorns.(If Taransworld is right)

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Ouch, sorry, just wanted to write “Boss Raid”. Thank you.

Which feels like a very poor choice. Glacial Peaks troops almost exclusively rely on status effects, which makes them exceptionally unsuited to deal with a boss immune to all status effects. I’m still hoping that either boss scaling or damage required to close portals will be significantly reduced to compensate.

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Invasion should be for elemental troops…

So infernus at the ready

Glacial Peaks? So that’s how they want to make us buy next Godslayer troop. Yeah, nice. You can’t use Jackelope, Mab or Skadi against Zuul because he’s immune to mana burn. Borealis and Frost Lizard have random targeting, Snow Hunter can do nice dmg but only to a troop with a hunter’s mark which Zuul is also immune to. So what can we do? Use Winter’s Wolf or Snow Guardian? Niiiice.


Correction, I think: Zuul’Goth is immune to Mana Drain, NOT Mana Burn.
Still… It will be quite a headache to assemble a good team, Freya or not Freya (although I prefer her Traits to those of Xiong Mao)…
It will also depend on which version of Zuul’Goth appears this time (and I do hope it will NOT be the Storm one).
Freeze will still work on the “minions” though, so Zuul’Goth should not benefit from as many loading turns as last time.
My two cents…


Good point. Invulnerable doesn’t specifically list Mana Burn, so it might actually work against Zuul’Goth.

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As far I know every Raid boss has different Zuul’Goths… like they differ in traits. Also the naming is different, last time we had Icy Zuul’Goth while in the Glacial there suppose to be Fiery Z’G. Maybe this is the case that will help to fight him with Glacials.

(but this all is only my personal deduction from what I have seen in spoilers)

Lets hope mab isn’t one of them!! Or one of the other 5 GP troops that are insulated for that matter. I’m not sure if the minions will be from the godslayer’s kingdom or karakoth, guess i’ll find out next week. If it’s the latter, at least our support troops will be viable. The downside to that is that means it’ll be another deathmark and devour fest. I’m just going to try and enjoy my favorite guild event week while it lasts and try not to think about next week or it kills my spirits.

This is something I warned about in another thread. Underwhelming kingdoms and troop types will be incredibly frustrating. Upcoming invasion looks like beasts again which is fine, but the one after is mechs. I foresee a ravaged battlefield of carnex and goblins on rockets below a field of towers.

Upcoming Invasion is “Elementals”…


My bad. I can dig that.

As for the Deathmark - I kind of liked that it made me fear it again. About a year and half back I still quaked in my boots when I was supposed to face a team with Herald of Chaos, Succubus, Penitent and Death. It was nostalgic to face that kind of challenge now :wink:. Still it doesn’t change the fact that after the first day (when I was quite engaged and happy to play) I started to hate Raids for stealing too much of my time.

So we get a Bosskiller with a second effect “Freeze the troop”… Yeah, super nice when the Boss is immuned…


Best guess is that the Raid boss will be Toxic Zuul’goth, following the standard GoW colour order.

is there a set order they go by or is it random? If it’s a set order it’d be great if someone knows it and can post it. It’d really help a newbie out like me. Thanks!

If you want to play with “no spoilers”, it’s a surprise.

If you don’t mind spoilers, you can go to http://taransworld.com and from there you have two ways to find out.

  • You might choose to click on “Weekly Event Spoilers”. That brings you to a table of upcoming events with a little bit of information.
  • You might also have a peek at “Troop Spoilers”. Invasion weeks all have a troop with the Siegebreaker trait.
    • A bonus to this technique: the not-Siegebreaker troop is the one that will be in the Glory shop. The Arcane traitstone it uses is the one that will be for sale along with it.
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