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Raid boss (Zaejin)

Hi everyone it’s the time to experiment and share team :slight_smile:

I got couple ideas i want to try


Mang (archer)
Black beast

And what about you guys?


I have no good ideas for this. All I can say is Bone Nagas are back because they were quite popular before.

Also, if Zuul’Goth casts, the match is pretty much over most of the times.

That being said, ZG isn’t that hard to kill this time. Its everything else (as expected).

I haven’t sorted out a team strategy yet but something re: troops like Bone Naga bears repeating since no one seems to remember:

You get your points from killing Zuul’goth. Eventually, you’re going to reach a level you can’t beat. You make the most points if you can manage to stop at the highest level where you can very consistently kill Zuul’goth before losing.

So when teambuilding if you’re optimizing for killing Bone Nagas instead of optimizing for killing Zuul’goth, you’re building a team that will theoretically get fewer points than a team that sacrifices “kill 'em all” for a little bit more Zuul-hate.

This ZG’s ability is particularly nasty anyway, so it’s especially important to beat him in the race. We lack good mana generators. Don’t get greedy.

What about Gorbil? Anyone tried it yet?

Its Yellow/Brown that turns Blue to Brown and the boost ratio looks like its 3 gems for 1% boost.

I didn’t even bother to try, its too slow in my opinion.

And i suppose the devour trigger on zuul sometime so it wasting a cast?

Using Gorbil in my PVP beast team for Xtra gold…
I just witnessed Gorbil devour Infernus lmao!

Heartburn anyone?


In Raid I wouldn’t bother with Gorbil… we’re talking about throwing a hail mary with a broken arm type chance…
So you’re saying there’s a chance!..

I found nobend very useful , particulary against bone dragon and boss

Let’s talk about Gorbil in detail. I’m practicing for a bigger project, and it’s good to see how to evaluate troops. I’ll talk about it mostly in context of the raid event, with some minor discussion in general.

There are two important questions for a mana generator:

  • What does it fill?
  • What does it block?

Gorbil transforms Blue->Brown, and it uses Yellow/Brown to get there. So the notable Zaejin troops it fills are:

  • Black Beast
  • Goblin King
  • Goblin Shaman
  • Itself
  • Nobend Brothers

That’s not a bad selection, at least three of those are likely candidates for a team. One thing to note: that Gorbil fills itself isn’t as exciting as it seems at first glance, because a converter can’t usually loop itself without another converter helping out. Do we have another converter, or maybe a generator in Zaejin? Not good ones. Scavenger doesn’t count because Gorbil doesn’t use purple, and Giant Toadstool is likely to be a bad choice.

So what does it block? We need to consider other things that use Yellow mana, but also things that use Blue since Gorbil wants to remove those. We’ll ignore things that use Brown since Gorbil can fill those.

  • Goblin Rocket
  • Princess Fizzbang
  • Queen Grapplepot
  • Sir Snothelm

This is very bad. Princess Fizzbang + Nobend Brothers is a combo key to a looping Goblins team, but Gorbil eats the Blue you’d rather send to Fizzbang. It’s also not uncommon to want Queen Grapplepot, but since that’s for her trait more than her ability here that might be acceptable.

So what about that devour chance? If I read it right, it’s +1% per 3 gems converted. I don’t tend to expect more than about 10 of any given gem on the board, and usually there’s not less than about 5. That means we reasonably expect a devour chance of 11%-13%. If there weren’t sigils on the line, I might gamble, but maxing out at 15% during a Christmasland scenario is NOT going to cut it in raid boss.

Therefore, I think Gorbil is a D in this Raid and shouldn’t be used. The TL;DR analysis is:

  • Gorbil can fill Nobend, but makes it harder to fill Fizzbang, and it’s likely you’ll want both.
  • It has no significant tank on its own, and takes too long to buff its attack to notable levels.
  • The Devour chance is far too low to matter in a Raid.

Outside Raids

I’m not sure it gets much better. What are we trying to fill in Brown that we can’t already fill and aren’t blocking?

  • The Wild Queen wants to be with Wildfolk, so this isn’t a good match.
  • Stonehammer benefits from Dwarves, so this isn’t a good match.
  • War is reasonable, but we already have many high-powered War teams.
  • Famine is slightly blocked, and it’s unlikely we’ll improve its known meta teams.
  • Pharos-Ra wants to be with Necromancers and already pairs with things like The Dragon Soul or Valkyrie for its mana.

…and so on. Many of the troops I started evaluating in Legendary and further already benefit from other generators on well-known teams. So I don’t think Gorbil’s going to fill any new niche, and it seems like at best it will be “as good as” known Brown accelerators on most non-Raid teams.

So it’s got to be a D in all cases assuming endgame troop collections. I haven’t done a full deep dive but it seems like any niche it could enter is already filled by something that has more utility than a very low devour chance.


Zuul’Goth is immune to Devour anyway.


Anyone else receive old notification on the forum?

Everytime i come back on the forum i see the blue notification and when i check it’s a old msg i already saw. It’s been like this since yesterday

all one needs for this event

I’m only at level 200, and I start to hit the wall with Mang team already. When Zuul’Goth fill itself from lucky cascade and cast, at least 2 troops will be dead and the game is pretty much over. So I agree, get rid of Zuul’Goth as fast as possible with Fleshripper and Hellcackle, then worry about the rest later is a good team idea.

My idea of making the team still got a chance to win is using Black Beast. Once the boss is dead, use Black Beast to eat everything it can. It’s not Mang-level, but better than grinding heavy-stat troop with 30+ attack.

Also, Goblin Rocket will be quite useful for line up skull. So it’ll be the last to be Black Beast’s food. lol

On a bit of side story, this might be the true form of Zuul’Goth, because he is the most powerful and bringing the best minions from almost all other version. It’s like the greatest hit for Raid.

So here’s the breakdown about how he is the most powerful compare to all 6 version.

  1. Icy Zuul’Goth
    Our first Raid, we don’t actually see his intended minion, but frozen-inflict troop will be best guess. So Bone Dragon’s Freeze on skull will be a representation of that.

  2. Fiery Zuul’Goth
    Nothing I can think of right now, actually.

  3. Storm Zuul’Goth
    Bone Scorpion return from this Raid, with its annoying Agile trait, so some skull match will do no damage.

  4. Toxic Zuul’Goth
    Bone Naga return, with Infernal armor. Killing it with Mang-increased high attack will cause you some damage. If your hero is Archer and your lethal damage trait is triggered, say goodbye to your own hero.

  5. Buried Zuul’Goth
    Our current Raid. The boss himself is very strong on his own, and his unique minion that can spam skulls/create Bone Strorm/destroy armor just make him even stronger.

  6. Dark Zuul’Goth
    We already see this version of minion on First Raid, so it’s Bone Deamon return! It also come with Death Mark on skull match, with Bone storm on spell to make you lose quicker.

I thought Buried in his name implied to Earth/Rock, but it’s actually death/skull/bone like a buried remain, likely of his enemies.

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This team has been very effective for me so far. Goblin rockets set up skulls for hero mang. image

I haven’t used Mang at all this week…I lasted surprisingly long (20+ battles on last portal) using Nobend, Hellcackle, Fizzbang and Grabblepot. I only lost once, which was my last time using that team. The only reason this team stopped working is that Hellcackle (legendary) just wasn’t doing enough damage to Zuul all by himself.

I am now using the same team except for I switched out Grabble with Fleshripper. About 5 battles in with this team, and no losses yet. Mang just doesn’t work well for this week on the later fights, primarily because of Bone Naga. Also, if Nobend shoots off enough -20 attack spells, it makes it possible to just let the enemy team use the skulls to hit you for a tiny damage, as a distraction to keep the AI from getting mana for Zuul.

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Titan, Archer, or Mechanic class.
Weapon is Flesh Ripper



Lol, you’re in for a surprise.

If his hero is doing skull damage (meaning that Nobend is already dead), things are either far enough along or so far off the rails that a one-for-one trade with an over-powered minion probably isn’t a bad deal. Odds of Bullseye triggering on a Bone Naga are remote enough that I’m knowingly taking that same gamble.