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Raid boss (Zaejin)

No surpises.
Each class starts the battle with half Mana.

I know how to play GoW. :wink:

I’m still on Titan from GW. Haven’t lost a Valraven. Lost a few matches but killed Zuul’Goth every time.
Only did Tier 4 this week. Hellcackle is at Legendary Ascension.


Bugbear oO that’s original


This is the one situation where Bugbear’s spell would actually scale in a useful way. My hat is off to @awryan on this one.


Yeah Archer’s not just useful for the instakill, it’s a hero weapon accelerator.

I’m not used to seeing @awryan share teams, this is strange. That’s an interesting lineup.

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Truth be told. My original build had Goblin King. But he seemed to just be taking up space. With 3 casts I’ll be able to take down Zuul’Goth regardless of level in theory. Flesh Ripper Removes his armor and damages life. Hellcackle weakens him some more. And Bugbear will finish him off.

Since the forums are being ran like high school. I used sports to gain popularity back then. And will at least attempt, to gain it here, with my team builds. I’ll try to release one or two each week. And will continue to do it until someone finds a way to lock the thread. :wink:

I just read his spell and ya that’s a really nice finding there Awryan! Props to you.

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ARGH! This is doing my head in haha.
I just don’t think i have the troops required to beat this. I’m missing all the main ones mentioned so far except Hellcackle.

Level 75 and i’m currently using.

Goblin Shaman

I cannot get past stage 4. I’ve been close a few times but essentially im throwing away sigils.

Has anyone got any tips for a newbie?
My collection if it helps.

You don’t have Goblin Rocket?

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Actually i do now. Just unlocked one. Will be giving it a shot
EDIT: No such luck. I replaced hobgoblin with Goblin Rocket and Goblin Shaman i replaced with Bugbear.

Again i got close but ultimately cannot sustain taking hits from them and skulls appear to be flowing freely haha.

You are able to kill the boss but not the minions afterward right?

Yeah you got it! The boss it the first to go and then the minions just whittle me down when skulls drop. I’ll try again in a few hours once it resets.

Goblin Rocket is pretty hard to master though. Go look Tacet video on YouTube. He was showing Raid boss today.

It’s not that easy to pick the right gem to explode when your new to the game.

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Not to “derail” this post at all… But I just noticed what category this was under.
Given past conversations. This made me chuckle. @Rickygervais. :wink:

you can try this team
boar rider
goblin shaman
boar rider
hellcackle or fleshripper
use bright forest Banner.

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Thank-you very much, i’ll give it shot soon.

if you still can’t beat all enemies,use gorbil replace the 4th troop.

I’ve tried many team combination of Fleshripper. I didn’t found one that reliable enough for me. It’s usually too slow to kill anything before the enemies cast spell/skull match.

Look like I have to go back to the good old Mang team. It’s suck when mang is dead before doing anything, but when it’s successful, the match ended pretty quickly. So I’ll take that chance.

My current team is Mang-Titan/Black Beast/Hellcackle/Goblin Rocket, Shantang banner.

The only feedback on the team @awryan posted I can offer is: I’ve never seen Nobend so aggressively choose “deal 19 damage” instead of “explode” or “reduce attack”. I must’ve cast the ability 25 times and I only got an explosion twice.

DESPITE that it’s really solid. Fleshripper is a powerful Mang alternative and I feel very sorry for people that miss it this week. I think once you reach some boss level around 200 the battles get swingy enough there’s no more point to optimizing the team.


I use Fizzbang instead of Nobend in the team Awryan mentioned above. It covers more color and it is better explosion rate

Nobend reduce skull damage saved my life several times



No lost yet