Ragnagord is broken


I believe Ragnagord is currently broken, There is no way that all the other exploders like azura, poison master, gorgotha, etc. are gaining AS much mana as Ragnagord is. Yes, it chooses a color to explode, but Ragnagord is literally gaining 100% mana every single time, WHICH Allows Psion, Famine, infernus, dawnbringer, deaths, etc to fill WAY WAY WAY to fast and much. I Also believe, the extra turn rate on the damn explosions for the AI is way to outta control. I literally have a Queen mab, and boriellis’s all over my teams lineups. PLEASE DEVS check into these things.


Yup, AI is WAY To out of control.


I personally do not have a problem with overcoming such a team


I dont have a problem really with the “team” It’s more on Ragnagord :slight_smile:


The Casual Defense bug needs to be fixed, The Wins counting as losses needs to be fixed big time. Ai needs to be looked at or something.


Am I wrong or am I wrong? Cause hot damn! Where are the devs to do the work…


He literally isn’t, soooooo…problem solved, I guess?

He absolutely gets his ability ready sooner than other explorers, but that’s clearly by design given his traits. I haven’t noticed any particularly higher self-fill on him than other exploders (and I say that as someone using both Gorgotha and Azura in my main PVP team, and constantly fighting against Gorgotha and Ragna).


It’s Christmas - let them be.


I cant really agree on this one, I have gotten stiffed alot lately with mana generation, mine has not filled, I will trade you lol


My question is, when are the Devs gonna address the REAL problem?

Everyone knows the Innkeeper is crazy OP!!!



And Tassarion. Man, that crazy archmage is too much!


Daft thread.


Since patch 3.0, explosions became very strong, because it can create some cascades and mana gotten from cascade is highly valuable (no 30% reduction, can surge).
I guess OP aims at Ragna because he is the only Fast exploder + you can choose the color of the gems, so it’s easy to fill him again + other troops.

I don’t think we can say anymore that the “new” cascade is the real issue because it’s in-game since 9 months and it seems that devs will not change it. So with the “new” cascade, I think that Ragna is a little bit too much powerful :slight_smile: .