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Ragnagord - The best troop? Spoiler: YES

Good morning,

You may have seen a thread recently that proclaimed (quite falsely) that Ragnagord was an overrated primadonna who was hard to work with, smelled bad, and didn’t pull his weight.

We here at the Ragnagord Fanclub and Preservation Society will not stand for these slanderous remarks. Ragnagord is the best ever, and we do not say that lightly.

A few FACTS:

  1. Ragnagord ranked first in the Best Guy Ever Poll conducted by Buzzfeed Adana
  2. Ragnagord beat Ubastet in an arm wrestling competition
  3. Ragnagord gives 50% of his salary to the Rebuild Dhrak-Zum effort. Does Pharos Ra do that? No.
  4. Ragnagord made a bunch of babies. More than Giant Spider by like 100 at least.
  5. Ragnagord was nerfed no less than sixteen times, but each time fearing severe backlash from the community he devs backed down and buffed him instead. Cry in your beer over THAT, Infernus.

If you would like to join the Ragnagord Fanclub and Preservation Society we meet in the Divinion Fields every Tuesday from 6pm until midnight. Next week’s guest speaker will be Queen Mab.

Thank you,
Zepp, Vice President and Co-Founder of the RFPS


Please give me a call when Atlanta is the speaker. I can’t promise I’ll remember all of her speech though, but let’s just say I’m a BIG fan.



You’ll be an even BIGGER fan, if you know what I mean. :wink:

My apologies. I will see myself out…

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You must be a chiropractor.

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:rofl: Thanks for posting this! It’s the best thing I have read all day!

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My Lord Infernus can’t cry in his beer. The glass melts whenever he tries to pick it up.

You sir are an insensitive monster.

Thrafgig, Knight of Broken Spire.

PS: Will there be pie at the next RFPS meeting? If so I will be there. Don’t tell Infernus, he would melt me.


I was told there was going to be punch and pie. >.<

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There will be plenty of pies.
After the meeting, there will be a food fight with pies.


All meetings are catered by Blackhawk Caterers. No one knows pies better than those pie-rats.


:thinking: if you’re the Vice-President and Co-Founder then who’s the President? We just need to know how to properly directly any mail that comes through the KPO (Krystaran Post Office)


Okay, try to be open minded about this…I mean there isn’t even a Freedom of Information Act in Krystara, and I’m still willing to answer.

The President and Co-Founder is… well, it’s Ragnagord. That doesn’t make us any less legitimate. All that stuff about him fixing elections and reselling government cheese is long behind us. You can trust him!


Well why didn’t you say so in the first place??? I am all over it. :grin:

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There’s only one problem about Ragnagord being president NOW, Ubastet invited Ragnagord out to lunch just yesterday and Ragnagord has not been seen nor heard from since. And every time I ask Ubastet what happen to Ragnagord, he just gives me an evil look. So, I don’t ask Ubastet any more what happens during his lunch dates.

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I told him…I told him not to beat Ubastet at arm wrestling. Some people never learn that there are times you just let the wookie win.

I want to be the first… And only player ever to say…
Ragnagord needs to be nerfed.

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You know, Ragnagord is in my PVP team, which is also my pet rescue team and red day GW team. So I can agree that he is a really good troop…
…but he is not a bunny.:rabbit:
The only reason why you guys are even considering Ragnagord to be the best when actually, bunnies are the best, is because of the hero. The Snow Bunny feels so sorry for the hero, being so much dumber than the most superior of animals. So it decided to make sure that the hero doesn’t die from stupidity and hangs out with that moron for now… when really, the Snow Bunny has the power to even deal lethal damage to raid-Zuul’Goth.

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Ubastet looks at bunny.
Ubastet thinks “Yum, Yum.”
Ubastet thinks “More bunnies. More bunny shoes, More bunny meals. Yum, Yum.”

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I KNEW corn would be the new hero class. You might want to tag your picture as spoiler though.

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No, no, this is just a symbol picture. You know how we can make the hero look like we want to. So I tried to find something with about the same intelligence as the hero, but looking a bit more generic. However, I am aware it is still an insult to corn.

…Now I wish we would have corn as the new hero class, though. Would fit the hero so well. Maybe someone can suggest that? @Saltypatra

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If you’d been hit over the head by Ragnagord with his candy cane during one of his mood swings you might think twice about this kind of thread. Sure, he seems like a great guy on the outside - all smiles and handshakes and eating holding babies - but I quit volunteering for his campaign after one too many whacks round the bonce. That hurts! :triumph: