***Quimby is looking for new guildies. All tasks & 40k seaks completed weekly, Bracket 1 GW & Grandmaster IV status (500k trophies)***


Hi all,
I am the Guild Leader for Quimby, currently ranked 14th on the PS4 leaderboards. We have never been out of Bracket 1 in GW, I have a spot opening up on Monday & I could do with you, yes YOU to help us.
What can we offer you?
Highly active players & group chat, with friendly & knowledgeable guildies (most of us are over level 1,000) who are always willing to help.
Completion of all tasks (usually on Monday) & 5-10 Legendary Tasks thrown in for good measure.
A chance to compete in Bracket 1 & the obvious rewards that come with it.
What can you offer us?
A minimum of 450k gold, 150 trophies and 1,350 seals plus full gw participation - these are absolute minimums & are still low by Bracket 1 guild standards.
You need to be over level 500 & have all kingdoms maxed to level 10, preferably GW proficient although we are more than willing to help with team builds etc.
If you’ve read this far you’re hopefully still interested - send me a pm on here or PSN at Casper1875


Bumping the thread - we have some established players leaving but there is still a great core remaining for anyone who wants in - now is your chance to join a well-known & respected guild with great teammates


Sent a mail through :slight_smile:


Good luck with your new role mate, I’m sure you will do really well and take the guild forward whilst I take a break from running it and being a member. Join this guild people, it’s a very accessible and friendly guild with pretty low requirements for a top tier guild.


Sunday bumpy bump


Bumping - I’ll have at least 1 spot at the end of the week - come & join us, we complete all tasks every week, always hit 40k seals & we’ve just hit 500k trophies. What’s not to love? We also have a very active & friendly group chat so come be part of our team :+1:


Possibly after 3 by Monday - hmu people


Quick update - we were 3rd in guild wars again last week despite having to find new guildies on the fly! I’m still looking for people so if you’re interested in joining a fantastic guild with great people & easy minimum requirements (reqs & other blurb up above) message me!


Nobody wants to join a guild regularly 3rd in guild wars on PS4? Who get all tasks & seals done & 5+ legendary tasks? SERIOUSLY?


Bumping again - I have a couple of long term guys who need a break, so I could do with at least one more, preferably 2 :+1:


A friendly bump for a top bloke, good to see quimby finally being run properly :+1:


Yea, now you’re not in the guild. You couldn’t run it so you ran away. I needed a break from you. That’s just a cheap snipe and totally uncalled for and shows you for what you are. (and you’ve deleted all your posts praising the guild and its former leader in the other thread unsurprisingly)


Not at all. As stated numerous times, running a guild doesn’t interested me. Anyway, don’t you mean you couldn’t run it so you ran off? Also please don’t derail someone else’s thread, my post was merely a friendly bump :slight_smile:


Then edit your post accordingly. There’s no need for the last part of the sentence. Taking a group with a mix of casual players, slackers (in your own words, not mine) and a few hardcore guys to consistently third best in the world in gw is obviously not running a guild properly is it Marc? Go back under your bridge.
Quimby deserves better than your pathetic attempts to belittle me. Neither of us are in the guild and I’ll no longer post here if you can extend the same courtesy and stop posting antagonistic remarks involving me, either directly or indirectly. I would take it to pm as the forum requires but I can’t engage with someone who believes their own BS.


@Nephilim @mld-81
Regardless of anyone’s opinions, Quimby wouldn’t exist without the hard work Dan put into it for so long - running a guild is hard, running a top end guild is harder still (as I’ve found out).
It would have been easy for him to just disband & leave us all screwed searching for new guilds but he didn’t & I have massive respect for both of you for everything you’ve achieved in the game.
Having said that, please don’t derail my recruitment thread - I think it’s best you both ignore each other or take it to pm & fight it out instead of taking public sideswipes at each other :+1:


Peace man.
I loved my guild.
I loved my members but I’d taken it as far as I could with my style of leadership and I don’t want to lose the respect I’d had from the other guild leaders in the top bracket.
I’ll keep an eye out for any suitable recruits for you guys and I hope you can push on and improve on what I left behind.
All the best,


Well, it’s time again to bump this thread after a brief period of rest!
We will have a space open next week for a good player, must be gw proficient although if it’s just team building or ideas you’re after then we are more than willing to help.
Come join our family, reply on here or message me on psn :+1:


Great guild people, join now whilst there’s a place!


Well, looks like it’s bump time again!
I will have a spot free on Sunday of there is by one still out there who hasn’t been snapped up?
Come join our family people :+1:


Bumping, now is your chance to join us, message me on here or on psn (same user name).
Among the easiest basic requirements of any top end guild :+1: