Level 1120 looking for guild

I am looking for a guild that gets most guild tasks done but doesn’t care too much about non-guild wars guild events and has a low or non-existent trophy requirement.

I love guild wars, but the rest of the events are becoming too much of a drag for me. I have no problems getting 1500 seals and getting 600k+ gold. I also have experience in bracket 1 guild wars (scored 54.5k and 51.6k respectively the times I have been in bracket 1)

I would prefer a high bracket guild but am willing to join a low bracket guild if they will let me play for a high bracket guild during guild wars weeks.

Please leave a message here if you are interested in having me

Good morning Apex - sounds like we’d be ideal for each other!
‘We’ are quimby, rank 22 with maxed out guild statutes & god level trophies. Our reqs are only 450k gold p/w and all GW battles (I think we’re B2 currently), the rest is ‘as you see fit’ - please let me know either on here, through pm or if you prefer PSN (same user name) if you’re interested as we have a space open :+1:t2:

Sounds like a perfect fit then :blush:

I usually get 25 floors done in tower of doom for the forge scrolls. Once I get that done, I will message you with my invite code, I should be done with that later today

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