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PS4 GUILD BRACKET 1 looking for new members

Heey everyone,

F you bobo is looking for new guildmembers. We are in bracket 1 for 5 weeks now so we can play And stay @ the top. Were looking for decent/ active members to Join us. Just collect 1500 seals play all your GW And help complete all guildtasks and you Will have the loot And fun you deserve!!! (Plz be a decent lvl so you have the cards you need to compete in bracket 1)

Just send me for more info


We at quimby have been impressed with your guild since getting promoted. Good luck with recruitment and staying in the top bracket.

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But that guild name… :grin::joy:


Tnx dude… you Guys too!! We started good but know a lot of out guild are quiting or playing less because of destiny. So im trying to keep us in bracket 1 but I think its not gonna work. Again Tnx for the support ! <3 :+1:

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I know :joy: The previous guildleader deleted our guild thats Why the name is like that :yum:


Name is awesome, always makes me smile :slight_smile:


Haha tnx… this community is gr8 btw !!

Don’t worry Beast! We will bounce back! We just need some more awesome folks to join us!! :slight_smile:


A friendly bump in case you need it from team Quimby.

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