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*Come & join team quimby* rank 18 on PS4* all tasks completed with ease* bracket 1 in guild wars* great people & chat*

Hi all,
I am the Guild Leader for Quimby, currently ranked 18th on the PS4 leaderboards. We have never been out of Bracket 1 in GW, I have a spot open now & I could do with you, yes YOU to help us.
What can we offer you?
Highly active players & group chat, with friendly & knowledgeable guildies (most of us are over level 1,000) who are always willing to help.
Completion of all tasks on Monday & 5-10 Legendary Tasks thrown in for good measure s standard, we usually save for mythic week when we’ve hit over 30 before as if one of them pops the mythic we all get it!
A chance to compete in Bracket 1 & the obvious rewards that come with it.
Demi-god 1 guild status, that’s an 18 daily seal login bonus as we’re over 700,000 trophies.
What can you offer us?
A minimum of 450k gold, 100 trophies and 1,350 seals plus full gw participation. I only ask for level 2 in raids & invasions as the gems you will receive from gw easily cover it so you don’t waste resources (any higher is personal preference) - these are absolute minimums & are still ridiculously low by Bracket 1 guild standards.
You need to be over level 500 & have all kingdoms maxed to level 10, preferably GW proficient although we are more than willing to help with team builds etc.
If you’ve read this far you’re hopefully still interested - send me a pm on here or PSN at Casper1875


It’s bump o’clock as we’ve unfortunately had someone leave - the good news is that now is your time to join our dysfunctional family :+1:t2:

It’s bump time again - now is your chance to join

Bumping again, first time in a while I’ve been looking to fill more than 1 slot…

Where are all the PS4 players wanting a guild?