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Quick Meta Question

Hey guys.
Seen a lot of the usual posts about the meta talking about Justice League, Gobs, Famine, or Forest Entourage…

But to be honest, on my part, either PvP or Guild Wars, all i see, and i mean about 99% of every fight i am offered have either: 2 Wisp OR at 1 to 3 Krackens, or Both (Wisp-Wisp-X-Kracken)

BTW, this is not a nerf thread, all meta have downsides (in this case, you can guess that all my games are currently based on luck, since Wisp can be really easy to fight or they can go and cast 10 times and kill half the team, and Kraken can get lucky 4-match streaks of decimation, and of course the lucky unstoppable Devours) ; but i was just wondering…

Is it just me? Is it because of my guild’s rank or my own level and defense score or what? Am i stuck i a micro-cosmos or is anyone else seeing the same meta as me?
I am actually looking for JL or Famine for a change!


It is not just you … sadly.

It’s all over the place since the Impervious Bug, and will probably spread more.

I’ve ranted a bit about those teams in Guild chat recently!! Haha

The freakin Wisp just seem to always run amok on me. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::sob:

Then get finished off by Krystenax that spawns a meat shield into the free spot if I even managed to kill one of the blighters…

And that’s not mentioning getting munched from behind by the Krakens…

But, you’re right, it only feels like luck if I do win. Mainly because they can’t be targeted so got to be lucky in able to deny them mana or skull blams to the face.


Well, of course I can freeze them.
Which was also the goblin solution.
So basically Mab is now a mandatory troop in all decks?
As for Krakens… the trait can’t be stunned, and the Devour blocked…


Fortitude will block the devour. Impervious isn’t working, but Fortitude works just fine. Try some dwarves when appropriate.

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So Apothecary at the bottom… mab in third… use the Brown on… a great Maw maybe? And a wisp of my own?


Forgot about this. As luck would have it there is a dwarf for every mana colour! :grinning:

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Except purple, I think. Could be wrong.

Runesmith - Blocking Devour probably his only real use :wink:

Thank you! Forgot about him!

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im probably a little lower in the bracket since i see the wisps/kraken around 50% of time… only xD

I do find it funny that they’ve given Dwarven Miner the middle finger as they improved the spell but he’s still the gimped Dwarf because he’s ‘Impervious’. :rofl:

My paragon battle today in GW was wisp kryst wisp mab. It destroyed everything but my abynissia. I pulled a win out of my ***…problem with meta is everyone uses it because everyone uses it!

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I think you have successfully defined “meta”. :smile:


I’ve actually pulled out my really basic win deck:
Dwarven Gate, Dragon Soul, Goblin, Goblin.
Targeted damage and barrier just wins.
But it’s boring to play :stuck_out_tongue:

Go to my twitch channel and watch the match from this morning. Go to the last battle. You’ll see META in action

When are they going to fix the Kraken. Because he’s been broken for quite a while he shouldn’t be able to kill two people and then eat the Third.

Mercy is actually a better wisp team counter than mab a lot of the time. The teams in question are usually extremely reliant on purple to get a lethal chain going. Of course, you can also use both and a valk. Like most endgame meta “counters”, it only works if you arent horribly unlucky with either the starting board or early skydrops, but it does increase the number of starts that go in your favor by a decent margin.