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I have joined the lame/dark side

I have been a strong advocate against the meta team defenses for a long time now. I happily created all unique teams with limited success to defend in Guild Wars.

I give up.
I got obliterated on my first two GW matches today due to the Wisp meta and skyfall cascades. I will admit that after this recent change to negate surges on 4 matches that I lasted longer but on the first skyfall cascade I lost at least one of my troops, on the second skyfall cascade my team was wiped out.

I am now using the Wisp Meta for my defense teams for all GW battles.

What is the meaning of this post?
I hope everyone does the same thing, either use Kraken or Krystenax with the a couple Wisps and Queen Mab for all your GW defense teams so that the public outcry finally forces the Devs to do something about this.




I would like to also state that my normal PvP defense team is 4 Ogryns (however its spelled) so I can collude with all other PvP’rs to help get this event done.

Thanks to all who have put up all giant defense teams for normal PvP (and for GW although I have yet to see one).



I’ve been using the wisps since release and can’t be bothered to change it now that people have caught on.

Welcome. Here are your cookies. :cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie:


I would like my guild to be credited with you falling to the dark side.
I stole my defense from the guild we faced yesterday. Just giving credit where credit is due.

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Your guild gets credit for the straw that broke the camels back.

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All you clowns :clown_face: don’t realise that Wisp is easily beaten by most of those teams posted in ‘Wisp counters needed’. Please Clark, you are better than this.

It is an easy troop to counter and my winrate is much lower than when it was first released. However I don’t want to make people rage quit by putting up yet another mab team.

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welcome to the metacore :stuck_out_tongue:

In normal PvP its tolerable I agree, but in GW I try and use a mono colored team which takes more time/turns to win and typically don’t get the chance.

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I change my pvp defence every week to give my fellow players some variety.
I try to make it challenging so worth fighting,
It seems many end game players can’t be bothered, hence the boredom of fighting the same few builds over and over again ad nauseum. The game has become boring. The players could make it fun again. It takes minutes on Monday.

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You don’t realise that all us clown have tried those teams.

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They need to implement the mana colors for defense as it is for attacking teams yesterday where is this patch it should have been here weeks ago…
that way if anyone wants to use the same 4 defense troops on each day they can get a huge impact to their score as a result

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There’s already an handicap in place, I think. Or a premium for those who use 24 different troops in defense?

When did this change? I heard it was going to change not that it had…

Guild Wars - FAQ according to this FAQ it does not…

it seems to me that one of the problems lies in the small number of the
team. Creating a new creature, developers are forced to make it stronger
than before, otherwise it just will not play. So, gradually, the old
teams cease to compete with the new reinforced creatures.

The technical term for this is ‘Power creep’

The new bonus for 24 different defence troops is supposed to be coming in patch 3.2 believe. I do not know if that means they have to be color coded to the day however (although that would make a lot of sense to me it is not confirmed anywhere that I can find).