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Totally off topic, I invite all speculation.

I live in a northern environment. One of our neighbors keeps a window open with a large fan in it actively and constantly running non-stop all year round. The temperatures recently dipped as low as -10F/-24C for days. I have never seen the fan turned off once.

Just tonight another neighbor in the building (a police officer) was asking my wife if she thought they were dead. I’m fairly sure they are probably alive (based on noise), and I don’t think they are storing corpses… What in the world could be going on? At that temperature most illegal activity defies the laws of botany and chemistry.

PS: The fan is still running…

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Can you see if the fan is aimed at anything?
Here in Germany, some people use fans as laptop coolers, no matter the temperature (air flow).
Or maybe it’s to dry clothes? Not sure how well wet clothes dry in these temperatures at all or what’s needed to stop them from freezing solid.

I have no idea but am curious. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Perhaps, your neighbors have aimed the fan outwards, and seeing as they cook a lot of smelly foods…

I’m of Asian descent, and I, too, live in a “Northern environment.” I’m also familiar with the foods odoriferous, and remember how the windows and doors would be wide open in the dead of winter because of mother’s/grandmother’s cooking.

If we were to speculate wildly, we could totally see the logic behind the fan, as someone in that residence has in fact passed away, and the other or others around find it far easier to deal with the smell than cope with the loss.

Maybe, a concerned neighbor will delve further…

Bitcoin mining rig?

No but its a BIG in window fan running hard. At the temperatures we have had 30 minutes of exposure while sitting in a chair (watching one TV sitcom) might require a trip to hospital for frostbite. For the entire winter, i can only imagine…

By the way, It defiantly not the kitchen window, Bedroom or living room for certain.

Well, that would only leave the bathroom or some storage room, right? Maybe they do want their storage room to be a gigantic freezer? Do they sell icecream? Maybe are butchers? Anything like that?

…Maybe they are polar bears hiding in human skins? Endless possibilities…

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Maybe it is an air cleaner machine? Fan takes air inside with its rotations, instead of outwards.

Clearly your neighbors are not dead… they are obviously UNDEAD!!

This will account for the noises, still being animated corpses themselves. And as for the fan, clearly, as undead, they have a healthy fear of fire. Unfortunately for you, this family of undead are a bit too fearful and any form of heat at all has them on edge for millennia hence the move to a “Northern environment” and a constantly running fan to ensure that no spark can survive longer than a nanosecond!!!

Case closed!!!


I don’t know maybe… But it doesn’t look like a filter just like a huge window fan…, I’ve been wondering about the room & condo for months now, and how anything living could survive at that temperature. The officer’s questions to my wife tonight just made me wonder even more.

meth lab? :sunglasses:


I’m no Heisenberg. I sort of wondered that in the summer/fall, but i don’t think you can ‘cook’ properly at 40 degrees under water freezing. Most liquids turn solid, etc.

No joke, This was my thoughts 8 months ago.

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Has the police officer considered knocking on the door and enquiring?


Two things.

  1. I didn’t talk to him, and I’m getting this second hand.
  2. He is their neighbor too, not a random officer. Politics of living in the same building. He did ask if she smelt ‘anything’ odd, probable cause leading question?

I think we need pictures.

Renter? There are rules in some places where the landlord needs to maintain a certain temperature. Maybe they like it HOT, and abandon the room with the thermostat for the winter. In the summer they’re keeping cool.

Nothing to see here folks! :wink:


Is it a shared central heating system for the building? When I lived in a dorm, we had the main heating pipe coming through our room. That meant the colder it was outside, the hotter our room was. We’d have both windows open in a room that was only about 15x20.


I dont think so, but I’m not sure.

Every unit has independent central heat/AC that the owner controls.

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