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Just wanted to share some news

In exactly 12 and 1/2 hours, I will be handing over a check for about $12,000 and taking possession of my new custom built home! :grin:

I’ve been living the past two months with my IN-LAWS while construction finished… :scream:

Just wanted to share the good news with my forum friends and family!

Y’all are the best, thanks for providing me some much needed sanity these past couple of months!! :crazy_face:

With :heart:️ Always,


Congratulations. Having your own home is a great feeling.


Congrats, @efh313! I hope your new home is all you want it to be!

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Congrats @efh313 !
I’m sure you and your family will have many great years there.


Congratulations! :smiley: I’m new here, but I’m not new to the whole “living with the in-laws” thing. Enjoy your new place!


In-laws and custom build. You must have some secret 4th Trait unlocked that keeps you immune to all that stress! :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

Congratulations, I’m really happy for you!


Welcome to the forum :smiley:


This is actually our second new house in 7 years!!
We BETTER have MANY MANY MANY years here!!

The market was right to sell and they had turned on a gas compression station 300 feet from our front door. So now the beautiful creek we used to be able to look out over brought with it a horrible low frequency rumble which was swiftly driving my wife insane… which was swiftly driving me insane! :wink:

We are very excited and this one was built with more future plans in mind for our kiddos and such.

Anyway, it’s going to be an exciting weekend and my GW battles may not get done until bed time @mavado454, hope that’s alright! :rofl:

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My 4th trait is Epilepsy! :joy:
Everybody knows if I get too stressed, I might have an episode. Everybody but my wife! :rage:



“Oh you’re stressed honey? Well I see a fence that needs painting and it’s stressing ME

“Yes, dear”

:arrow_heading_up: Your new life as a homeowner




To clarify for @Ivar, DESPITE the most recent, unfortunate banning of a dear friend, these boards are an escape from the monotony, daily drudgery, and general life BS that seems to overflow my life on the regular.

So, whether you realize it or not, each of you, in some small way has provided me a much needed comfort and for that, I will forever choose to think of all of you fondly and with a grateful heart.



I know, but i honestly couldn’t miss this joke… :laughing:

Anyway, hope everything goes well on your new home, and if anything you must share with us some pics of your first Christmas there. :christmas_tree::gift:

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No, you are the best! :wink:
Excellent news brudda, well deserved, thanks for sharing! :wink:

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that is awesome, great deal, having your own home is always nice

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congratulations :smiley:

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