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A Delay for Gobby

I have had less time to work on Gobby’s story this month as I have been very heavily searching for my new apartment, I have been working on BaDaBoom!!! But I am not even 1/3 of where I would like to be to release it, so I’m going to leap frog over July and release BaDaBoom!!! (Series II) on the first Tuesday in August, I hope you can understand and wish me well in the apartment hunt.

Thank you from the Cellar,


Good luck in your search. If you’re in a city rent can be crazy high. :thumbsdown:

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I’m am in the 2nd biggest city in New England (USA), my biggest mountain to climb is that I need a 1 bedroom and have recently had a bankruptcy discharge so I’m having bad luck with the credit checks

Credit checks. I hate how they have taken over our lives so much these days. What happened to just having good references? What your previous landlords say about you should count for more than just a number does.

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