I married an aussie girl


And I liked it!

And long distance Internet romances can work when you put in the effort.

@Saltypatra @Cyrup @Nimhain

Tagged because girls are suckers for romantic weddings :heart::heart::heart:


Congratulations with the marriage! :slight_smile:


Congratulations, may you both have long and prosper lives! :tada:




Congratulations to you and the Mrs. @UKresistance. May happy times lie ahead for you.


Congrats and best wishes.


Congrats bro, im glad you finally find someone to do your treasure map at your place :stuck_out_tongue:


I promise to love, honor, and play your treasure maps till death do us part.


Congratulations, UK!


Congrats UKresistance! Hope you have many happy days ahead!


Congrats @UKresistance from everyone at the office!


Congrats and may you be blessed with many happy years, house filled with love and lots of way cool experiences together.




omg :heart_eyes_cat: More photos plz?! Congratulations! Penglong sends blesses.


Congrats! beautiful photo!!!


Congratulations! May you find happiness all your many years together!