A sincere pleading from a hardcore player

My boyfriend and I met, acquainted and fell in love with each other because of GoW, and now we have got married. I’m here to share my joy with you guys at the forum. Today is the 786th day since I first started the game. I have devoted myself with my all heart and soul to the game and I spend more than 8 hours every day on GoW. This is my wedding ring, which is designed with the theme of GoW. Thank you (Dev) for presenting us such a good game. Unfortunately I have to quit the game because my account was banned. I might have used once or twice long time ago. But I do neither anything to gain an unfair advantage nor cheating for the leader board. As soon as I knew that mouse scripts were forbidden, I never do such things again. I spend most of my time developing my guild and promoting GoW to my Chinese friends. I wish I could have a second chance, even with all my resources cleared. I promise I will never do anything violating the terms and I will always behave myself. Finally I present some paintings I drew myself to show how much I love the game.


All of guild members know how it feels.They put painstaking effort into GOW.It’s their second lifes.

I think she deserves a second chance!!! Are those players who are at the top of the leader board really clean and innocent?

This is really something you should take up with Support. Explain your situation, if your VIP level is high enough they have been known to remove warranted bans. Posting here is unlikely to help your case.


Everybody gets second chances. Even if your account is banned, no one stops you from starting a new account and playing honestly.

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amazing wedding ring!!! The last ring make me moved is that

Beautiful wedding ring,have a great wedding!
GOW has been growing for four years,this is not easy。The group of core player which has passion and faith that GOW have to thank,for their wonderful popularized。
There’s no doubt that wsqjackop is the real hardcore player。Under her tireless efforts,more and more Adventurers join in the GOW world in China。
GOW,light of her life,fire of her loins. Her sin,her soul. She quit her job because she want to practice GOW eight hours everyday,for bring her Guild war to a new level。“I love GOW,and I was married GOW permanently!”she once said。If the end of the world is over,GOW has only one player left,I believe that must be her。
She breached the rules,surely,She should be punished and apologize for it。However, She is just a young Chinese girl with poor English。Before the game starts she unable to read all instructions and user agreements. She made one mistakes without knowing the rules。She should be deducted from resources,but banned account account permanently,it’s too cruel for her。I hope she can get a second chance,best wishes to her adventures ,and GOW successful will continue in the foreseeable future.

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How many multiplayer games, especially with PvP components, tolerate macroing and other forms of cheating? I would think it’s common sense to not engage in any behavior like that.


She is a loyal player.I believe she will never cheat again.

Game is not all life, I wish you happiness.

I hope dev will give you a chance.

In addition. Show wedding photos can help you get a second chance😀

The devs will not discuss individual bans on the forums. Put in a ticket with support instead.

What kind of mouse scripting was involved?
In any case, contact the Support and explain your situation.

Good luck.

Old enough to get married, old enough to write code, but too young to know any better? :thinking:


Disclaimer if I ever get banned:

I am female, I am cute, I found the love of my life on this game. Please let me get away with everything.


I believe in 2nd chances. If this was the accounts first strike…im sure they will reinstate.

So anyone want to take bets if these are guildmates, fake accounts or people who just believe in OP?

Good question. I don’t buy it, though. Still, there’s no way to know for sure.
Developers manually inspect each suspected account before banning.

You love the game SO VERY MUCH, and yet you decide to risk your account by cheating. Accept responsibility for your own actions. Stop expecting special treatment. Use this as a growing experience, and take a newfound understanding of what happens to cheaters into every endeavor you undertake.

Happy Wedding!


Indeed. Have seen same behaviour in other forums too. One person is banned, 10 others come to voice their support for the banned one. And the supporters always tend to either be brand nee accpunts or old inactive sleeper accounts. And the behaviour is typical for people from certain countries/zones.

I think you’re lucky the devs didn’t tell your wife you cheated! However that’s ethically questionable, I really think if they had the opportunity they should’ve told her. She deserves to know what kind of a person she married. You should talk to her before she finds out from someone else.

Someone else always blabs. You don’t have a secret if 2 people know.