Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of you from China!


Same to you! :tada: :wind_chime: :izakaya_lantern: :fireworks: We’ll be sure to revisit this thread when Lunar New Year comes around!

Happy new year and merry thoughts all around! :smiley:

Happy new year all from the Netherlands!

Happy New Year.

Was at a friend’s place for dinner. 10 people couldn’t agree on the time, so at some point I had to point out that we missed the change to the new year :stuck_out_tongue:

What @Royalty says! :smiley:

Guys, what was your best 2015 moment?

Getting a 150 euro tip.

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Thank you very much!

Getting pregnant even though it was not supposed to be possible.


Happy New year… :slightly_smiling: Played this GoW entire year.

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Belated Happy New Year!

:fireworks: Happy New Year! :fireworks:

Best moment? Discovering Gems of War, obviously! Over 525 hours played, not including mobile time. :laughing:

Two happy moments. Finally marrying the love of my life after two years of struggling with paperwork (long story, had to do with both of us divorced, but in different countries than where we wanted to marry). And the birth of my (third) son, Loïc, this time with my love. :heart:


Happy new year all.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :fireworks: