Long distance relationship

they say they don’t work. Lies!!!
it’s tough, I live in maine US, fiance near brisbane Australia. we visit twice a year but talk daily.
I’ve wedding plans now :slight_smile:


Does he come see you or you see him?

we both make the trip. it’s tough but we make it work. she’s the love of my life after all; )

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It takes strong people to make that work. Myself - wouldn’t work. I’ve been married for coming up to 15 years this December and if my wife goes away for a trip and I’m at home, the first 3 days are great. Some alone time. But after that I just want her home. I personally just couldn’t do what you’ve successfully done.

Congrats and I hope it’s a long and happy marriage. :thumbsup:


i do not recommend long distance relationships.
few years of experience and love him very much but its tough

**** off, and only one;me.


That was nasty, unnecessary and uncalled for. Bad form even if you meant it as a joke. :thumbsdown:


nope not a joke i just think hes delusional,thought i’d spread a seed of doubt for good measure :sunglasses:

@Sirrian please ban this person from the forums.


Well, that’s a bit unnecessary. Some thoughts are best left unsaid.

I agree that was uncalled-for, unfunny and unkind. @en9nhcet you’ve been around a long time and should really know better.

That’s probably not gonna happen from one bad remark. But an apology @en9nhcet would help.

Ah, love and relationships, i would have posted a word of warning about catfishing but seeing as you two lovebirds have met in real life the warning would be of no use. As someone in a relationship that is of great distance, the hardest part is the communication. Once you have that down it should be ok. Did your fiance go to pax and meet @sirrian and the crew?

I don’t understand why you share it on the boards, to show others that it is possible with long distance relationship? How can you tell anyone that have experienced a long distance releationship that did not work out that they lied? It is all about experiences, and some it work for and other it does’nt work for. Like everything about love. It is no right or wrong. You should not believe what people is saying and let that influence your life, and then prove them wrong, just ignore them, what is right for you, is what counts, and others opinion does not matter. No need to seek confirmations on anything that is right for you. You know it is right for you, and thats good enough. :slight_smile:

Thought I am happy for you and gave you a like. :wink:


I’ve been in a long distance relationship with my bf for 1 1/2 years now and it is working out decently too. Him and I have yet to meet in person as neither of us are financially capable of throwing away over $600+ and a weeks worth of work, but it will likely occur around the 2 year mark for the first time. He does live in the USA like me, but it is from coast to coast. I talk to him pretty much every day and other than a few conflicts of interest at the start of the relationship it has gone quite well.


Relationships themselves are hard enough as it is. But here is my success story: (shortened for brevity)

I met someone at 13. I fell in love. I told him I loved him around 15. He lived 1,000 miles away from me most the year, but visited his family on holidays. I actively pursued the relationship until I convinced him that we were right for each other. He proposed to me at 17. We got married when I was 18 (he was 20), right after I graduated High School. We are still happy, and together, 17 years later.

It will not always happen this way, I know that. I am one of the lucky ones. @UKresistance I hope that you can be too.


Banning someone over one single spiteful comment is NOT necessary. Strikes me of the thought police.

UKresistance, ignore the comment he probably has some past personal issues with betrayal that he is projecting on your relationship.

I don’t see anything wrong with the comment. Could’ve been said differently BUT the fact that someone living in a world of fantasy and not acknowledging the fact that a possibility of doubt is impossible is a person who is naive or insane. I wish you the best of luck either way my friend!

you are a lucky one, and not because of just the distance. but to find someone so young.

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you need to coordinate vacation from work and look for cheap flights. coast to coast us is easy, I literally travel half way around the world.
good luck to you both !

For those players in America or Australia, the though of a long-distance relationship within the UK might be slightly amusing… the distances aren’t quite the same, but I had much of this for about eight years - worked in London, stayed there all week, went home to the family three hours’ drive away at weekends… you get used to it…

…and Mrs Jainus used to curse that I was never there, and wish that we could move… so we did move, and now she doesn’t know what to do with me hanging around the house every day…