Question for the vets out there around Guilds

Fairly new to GoW (a little over a year) Been in the same Guild for almost a year. Good group, but not in the top 1000. Given over 22 million gold, and the next below me has given about half of that. Get the 1500 seals weekly, but only about 5 or 6 of us do. Lvl 1100+ but most in the 500s or below. Again, I like the team but I dont know if Im getting out what Im putting in. Anyway, I did say question and havent gotten there. How often do most change guilds? Is it bad that Im feeling selfish for wanting to bail? I know this aint therapy, but Im trying to get a feel for this. Id like to be in a more active guild, but again, really like the lax crew. Any insight?


If there are less than 20 other people doing what you are doing, youd be better rewarded in so many other places. At your level, you should be looking for nothing less than a guild that gets all basic tasks done, does well in events, has experienced leadership, and gets 40k seals every week. Its cool to be in a small guild with friends, and get less for your efforts, if thats what you want, but if you are asking this question, its probably time.

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U should move on to a better guild. That all contributed equally. So u dont feel like u are the only one. Thats a bad feeling. and it just gonna get worse if u have started too feal this way.
Join a guild that u think u worth spending your time.
Thats my advice

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You have to weigh how much you like the people you intetact with every day vs your desire for more rewards/growth. That youre asking means you definitely want more in return for your time & effort. But is it worth it to you to find a new group of friends? Not that you have to stop associating with your current ones once you switch guilds. It may take a couple tries to find the atmosphere and productivity that meet your needs, but nothing wrong with that.

My only suggestion is talk with your leadership before you decide. Let them know whats on your mind. If youre their biggest contributor and theyve wanted to change things but didnt know how to, it may light the fire under them to do so. If theyre happy with how the guild is, then the respectful thing to do is give them the heads up youre looking for a higher level guild so they arent surprised to just find you gone one day. And try to finish out the week if possible - especially if its a GW week. Dont leave in the middle of a GW week. If you really like the group youre with, theres nothing wrong with moving on to bigger & better things. But do right by them any way you can.


What a great community! Your insight is greatly appreciated and thanks to all for getting back to me so quickly! Just amazed by the thoughtfulness in the responses as well. You guys rawk!:metal::metal::metal::metal:


If youd like to be in a more active guild our guild Rippers World are Rank 29 and all members complete everything.
Our Reqs are 550k gold, 1500 seals, 300 trophies, all guild events, Guild Wars.
If youd like to know more contact my GM Ripper @ripper6555 we have vacancies every now and then, pretty sure we are looking for an active player now, as long as your level 1000+ alls good.
Contact Ripper you wont regret it

psst I think OPs on pc/mobile unless this was unintentionally posted in the pc/mobile section. And Im pretty sure your guild isnt on pc/mobile.

That aside I was wondering when the first joker was going to just blatantly try to recruit him rather than answer his inquiry. Thanks for not disappointing! :wink:

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Thanks for the heads up didnt quite know that I was in PC/mobile thats just where I ended when I was following up another old guild mate, so thats yet again.
As for the Joker remark I find that somewhat disturbing as Im far from that and it was mentioned in the notice I replied too about finding a more active guild so therefore I was just being a good/nice fellow gamer that was giving a guild option Next time Ill just keep my mouth shut and not try to help anyone


When someone can do 550K Gold, 1500 Seals, 300 Trophies and all guild events youre not helping that person, that person is helping you.

Helping is when you take someone who is low level without kingdoms upgraded and youre giving them a boost in rewards without asking anything in return.

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Thanks again everyone. I have joined Merry Marauders for a change of pace. So far so good. Again, great community here!

Many younger casual guilds are really for development and occasional play. If you are a more achievement oriented player, then it makes sense to move to an achievement based guild. Most of the achievement guilds have minimum requirements daily and usually accomplish most tasks and events on a weekly basis. The key is that the game is for your enjoyment, and if where you are at is not providing that, then I dont see how leaving them and making an opening for someone who will be happy there is a selfish thing.