Lots of guild seals saved up. Adopt me temporarily?

I’m a fairly new player to GoW (maybe 1-2 months.) I have been waiting to use my guild seals for when my guild has 40,000 seals collected so I can buy guild chests to get good troops, but we’ve hardly passed 10,000 in any week, which kind of stinks. I usually earn 1000 guild seals per week, give or take.

So I have about 4,000 seals stored up, is it possible that I can take those with me to a guild that does hit 40,000 seals in a week so I can open the chest for better troops? If so, is there a guild willing to adopt me for a matter of an hour so I can do this real quick?

I guess there are invite codes in this game, where would I find mine?

What guild are you in?

better find better guild

You can’t swap guild seals like that. Guild seals only count towards a guild’s total when they are manually claimed. Using your stash of seals on keys will do nothing for a guild’s seal total.

I think he just wanna get a short ride on top guild that’s already has 40k seals atm and stay there in few minutes just to use his stored guild seals and left after. And because game reset tomorrow, the 40k seals guild might booted under performance member. Then maybe he think there’s any top guild that will likely generous enough to let him to do that.


@Tacet the way I interpreted the comment is he wants to come to a guild that’s already leveled the chest to max, spend his seals, then leave. Not to contribute his existing supply to the guild total.

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That is possible, since your guild seals collected are personal and follow the player, not the guild! Good on you for having the willpower to save that much. If we had a spare spot, I’d totally try to convince the guys into giving you your hour, if nothing else to reward your ingenuity. The only problem is, of the 30 or so guilds that hit 40k seals, even though some have occasional vacancies, by the end of the week we’re almost always full, since the culling is typically Monday and the demand to join is so high. If you keep an active and positive presence in global chat, I’m sure you might find someone able to help you eventually.


So, the OP wants to benefit from the hard work of a top guild without actually contributing anything?? Wow, that’s some serious audacity.

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Oh yeah, I’m a totally evil noob that just wants to rip off all the good clans…

C’mon, I’m literally not asking anything of anyone, EXCEPT to be temporarily invited to a guild that has 40,000 seals for a short time. I’m discouraged because my low level guild is really inactive, it’s basically me and 10 ish other members contributing for most of the guild weekly seals.

I feel cheated that I have to suffer and buy crappy common chests because I’m in a guild with inactive players.

If your guild isn’t working for you, you can just apply to one of the guilds recruiting new players and contribute like everyone else in that guild. That way, everyone benefits.


Yeah I’m curious why you’d stay in such a guild if you feel that way? Not hating or anything, just curious.

Ogunther I thought you had an open spot? Let this guy in to get some l00tz and treasure. Be that nice guy we all know you are.

Lyndale did tell me you’re a nice guy.

@brandonwiker: perhaps you can find a guild that is more active and not too high of requirements. Help them reach a higher chest level. There are a lot great guilds here, shop around and talk to the GMs. Maybe you’ll find a place to call “home”.

lol I would be tempted but we won’t have an open slot until late this evening (our open one was filled this morning)

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This is why i asked what guild the op was in, if they are in my current guild, then they should know that it is used for training new players to ready themselves for higher guild placement, and can leave at any time. We are a trainer guild after all. My guild is Valley of Death

Does hardly anyone read things carefully anymore? He said he’s playing for 1-2 months only, collected 4k seals in that time - it really doesn’t take too much brain-power to realize he obviously can’t (for now anyway) join a guild doing regular 40k permanently.

Literally 3 people seem to have understood the message. Apart from that, well … People who go with stuff like “omg what a leecher, wants to use a top guild without doing anything !!!111one” disgust me. Where is any added value of that comment? Jesus christ, if you are a douchebag to that degree, just keep it to yourself. You don’t want to help the guy - it’s your choice, but for the love of god, don’t make a joke of yourself.

This community is better than that (not that I believe that personally (with very few exceptions), but lets say so for the sake of the argument).

I’m sorry I can’t help you @brandonwiker , I hope someone will pm you and invite you for those few minutes so you can enjoy your guild chests for the seals you were collecting for the last weeks.

And at the end, something to think about: he could have applied to one of your super-duper guilds and lied his ass off about how much he can do, get an invite, buy his chests and leave after saying “so long, suckers”. Instead he made a topic, where he honestly (by the looks of it) explained his situation and asked for help. You don’t want to help? that’s your choice - but don’t be a dick, because the guy chose to be nice instead of an ass himself, and for that alone he deserves at the very least some respect.


I’ve been in my guild for fifty-something days. I’ll freely admit that I’ve donated very little gold, that has been going to ranking up kingdoms. I have tons of trophies and seals contributed through my ranked pvp play, though, from hitting pvp rank 1 most weeks when I have time.

The guild name is house targaryen.

But yeah, I couldn’t hope to get into most guilds calling for 100k gold and 1500 seals each week… I can usually get 1000 seals.

I’m not really hardcore enough to do mass gold donates, and my weekly seals count fluctuates. Some weeks it’s 400, some it’s 1500 (like this current week.)

I can’t make it in a better guild. My level is in the low-mid 100s, my gold goes to ranking up kingdoms to 10 for tributes and skill points.

It doesn’t take brain power to understand that guild hopping isn’t a “nice” solution. Some people think of guilds as a team that works toward a goal together. It isn’t a one stop shop for people to stop in and use resources they didn’t help to earn.

There are many things that players would love to gain or achieve faster, it isn’t “disgusting” to suggest that people join other people that have similar goals and work together to get what they want out of the game.

And, since this is an open forum, we all have the option to speak, not just the people you agree with.


I don’t see how you coming here and calling other people names helps anything. Seems to me you’re just doing the exact thing you’re complaining about. I agree with you that people shouldn’t jump to conclusions but if that’s true for them maybe it should be true for you, as well. Just food for thought. :slight_smile: