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At a crossroads, taking suggestions

Been playing the game a solid 3 months… ranked up to 1160 with the original guild I joined with. We made it up to Bracket 4 in GW but it seems like we have 10 or so inactive or very little active players… in the last month we have lost 3 heavy hiters and and guild manager… the guild leader is semi active at best and we currently have 0 reqs to join or to stay in… do I have a chat with the leader to try and right a sinking ship or just thank them for my time and move on… #Decisions

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In my opinion it’s easier for you to cut those losses and move on, unless you have strong personal ties to some of the guild – in which case you should consider transferring together to another guild.


Agree with @lyya.

@Rhawky sounds like time to amicably part, and move yourself up in the world…


It’s easier to find a guild that fits your play style. Rather than trying to talk your current guild leader into making 29 others fit your play style.


Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side. Find a guild that suits your playing style so you can enjoy the game :+1:

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1160 in 3 months is going some…but there are plenty of guilds out there…that would take you.


If you are contributing at least 1334 seals and 534k gold to your guild every week then it would hugely benefit you to join a guild that completes all tasks and maxes seals each week, as you are currently missing out on all the key resources that you need to progress in the game.

The difference between a guild that has 20 active members and a guild that has 30 is night and day. There are lots of guilds full of like-minded players that would be glad to accept you into their ranks.

Best thing I ever did in this game was to ditch my first guild and move on. It’s not any more selfish than moving job to take a promotion to a position that your current employer can’t offer you.


You guys are awesome and reaffirmed what I was thinking. Thanks everyone