Not sure if I should leave or not

Hey all I’m level 452 and I’m in a guild that barely makes 20k seals and I have over 3500 seals to cash in :confused: I play everyday and I always hit 1500 seals for the guild by Fri/Sat. I’m not much into PvP but I can offer some trophies by playing the arena and I offer tons of gold per day for tasks. I have all my kingdoms unlocked and all challenges done, plus I have all kingdoms at level 7+ and a couple at 10 (the big money producers). I’m just not sure if I should leave my current guild or stay and tough it out. I’m tired of falling short of 20k seals every week. If you’re looking for a serious player I’m your dude. I would love to be in a guild that hits 20k weekly and needs a player like me :slight_smile: Thanks for the opportunity!! Oh before I forget…if I transfer guilds do the seals come with me also or do I start at zero?

Pm sent, thanks. Daniel

Not sure if Dan covered this in his PM: but you can only earn 1500 seals in a given week, but any seals that you have accumulated are yours to keep. In other words, if you already hit 1500 this week and then switched guilds, you couldn’t earn any additional seals in your new guild. Everyone starts fresh tomorrow, though, so today is a good day to switch if you’re going to.


He’s gone elsewhere, shame as ours is very friendly and in the top ten. Never mind. Still have room for a committed and loyal player.

We are absolutely looking for players just like you, member of A GUILD in top 100 with just a few players, we always get past that in guild tasks, and that’s with just a few active members, looking to add some active serious members to see how much further we can get :relaxed:

Hi Tracey,

What minimum requirements do you have?

Just that are active player and contribute fairly , don’t expect members to put in what I do, just what they feel is fair :relaxed: