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Looking for a guild. 1000+ but hold your horses

hey there
im a very old player who just want to have fun
yes, i can get you 1500 seals and the 1mil gold requirement. and even 300 trophies (even if its dumb and no one really care about that anymore)

it’s always the sheer numbers and stats that guilds are looking for.
i promise u more. loyality, help with what i can,doing the extra mile, working hard just so everyone will get the most out of the guild
im a discord friendly. looking for fun chats and meating new friends and going the distance.

yes i got sometimes around 9400 in guild wars but i hated it.
im not a stressed ability player and guild war make you like this
and i hate this
so for your question why i dont look for endgame guild its simple - guild war

i just want a guild who will accept me in any condation.
like if i dont like guild war its ok if i only get ~8000. or if go and vacation and cany play for 7 days stright its ok and i will make it up
i am looking for a family who talks with its member(discords)who can get 40k selas a week and wont throw me on a bad guild war week. and can have fun on discord
i promise my undivadive attention and will do my best to put your guild where u want to be (don’t care about rep of the guild just the inner goaLS)


We only ask for 1mil gold and 1500 seals. Every other number is up to you. All weekly events are optional. I’ve tried to send you a invite but you’re still in a guild


If you’re age:18+ you sound perfect.
We do have a good discord who voice chats, distribute info and understand that real life drama happens. We do give requirement waivers when people let us know what’s going on. (Think it matches “but hold your horses” part of your Looking for guild)

elhay123. You are a perfect match for MadKing’s guild. Please leave your current guild by going to Guild> Guild>Admin>Leave, then wait for an invitation to come from his guild (Golden Phoenix Inn). Golden Phoenix Inn does not expect you to do Guild Wars.

The only requirements are to give 1 million gold, and 1500 Seals - nothing else. The rest is to have fun in a relaxed, family atmosphere , where we all help each other. Discord https://discord.gg/krJN7rn .

Please pop in there for a chat, and see if we are a good match for you. I think you’ll find we are.

The Unholy Family [TUF] is a GoW Superguild currently composed of four active squads. We are a dedicated community of players and always seeking new members and prospects!

Our guilds are: #4 Unrepentant (Diamond tier - All-around competitive), Abaddon (Platinum tier - GW casual), Power Gems (Gem tier - GW Bracket 1) and Purgatory (Gold tier - Active growth). Drop into our Discord to find out more! Good luck!



Join The Unholy Family, we have an awesome discord community, we have 4 guilds to choose from depending on what is going on, we rock this game 24/7 with members from all over the globe, we work together to make it more awesome, please stop by and check us out, you may even get cookies and donuts lol http://discord.gg/Zj9dVhz


Come join the fun we have in TUF. When you are in TUF you are family.
The best decision I ever made. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of a great guild.
Come check us out. http://discord.gg/Zj9dVhz



Hello mate, just wondering if you found anywhere yet, if not Heroes United have a couple of spaces available.
The Minimum requirements
-Complete daily GW matches (participation more important than score)
-400k gold (includes money spent on leveling Sentinels)
-1300 Seals/100 Trophies (Just be active and have fun - it’s important you do the activities in game that make you happy!)
-Raids/Invasions: Highly suggested to complete all matches before the end of the week, no shop purchase required.

Let me know if you’re interested.

Kraken the whip is looking, 1500 seals and your choice of either 525k gold or 200 trophies 18+

Hello Elhay, my name is Jamie and one of my guild mates mentioned he was talking to you earlier today. I also am an older player, so I understand where you are coming from. I am 57 years old but really enjoy the game. I am from Dominant, 20th ranked guild in the game. We have high requirements but we aren’t stupid about it. We ask that you play Guild Wars but that’s it. Try your best.

If you are still without a guild I would be very interesting in chatting with you further.

We do use discord to communicate though, so I hope that isn’t a game changer for you. If you are interested please contact me on discord at this tag#: Jamieburke_2015#2736

If I don’t hear from you I will assume you have been taken care of.

Take care


Hi Elhay!
Madrina’s Marauders has 2 open spots and we’d be glad to have you.
Max seals and guild wars required, but I don’t care what your score is, as long as you play.
We’re active in all guild events, but the rest aren’t reqs.
We are an active, friendly, supportive guild.
Our goals are level 6 chests, playing, and having fun.
This is a great bunch of people.
As always, if real life intrudes just let me know and I’ll give you a pass for the week.
If you’re interested let me know.



hey’ ty for the offer but i got into a guild.
if it dosent work out ill send you a message (:

OK thanks elhay.
Hope it works out for you, being in the wrong guild sucks!
Good Luck,