Kraken the Whip is recruiting


Requirements and brief summary:
1500 Seals and either 525k gold or 200 Trophies. We’re 104 on the Guild Rank board, have a 18+ discord and often have several Legendary Tasks completed.

Requirements to be in the server :
LGBTQ friendly
NO religion NO politics

Send a PM to Wanda-Ful#3744 to get into the vetting process.

Looking for a guild. 1000+ but hold your horses

Hi, my little brother Michael is looking for new guild. Hes a good player, but only 15 years old. Any chance he can join you before Monday? Cheers!


Unfortuantly they have to be 18+. We want people to join the discord before they join the guild.


I just told him that he was not welcome in your guild because of his age. He dont get it since hes been playing GTA since he was born and also he have seen movies like Rambo and other 18+ . But he wanted me to thank you for fast reply.


Edited the OP. Please don’t broadcast what you do “after hours” here. It’s enough to say “18+ only.”


102 on the guild Rank board now. (104 is outdated information)


Come on… Message me on Discord :slight_smile: See if we are the right home for you. We have lots of fun, sing karaoke, post lame memes, and have lots of great players to help with team building :slight_smile:


Come get kraken with us!


We’re 18+ for a reason. :slight_smile: Come join us for gaming and shenanigans.


I’m only here for the shenanigans :stuck_out_tongue: