Whippin' the Krak

Requirements and brief summary:
1350 Seals and 250k gold and kingdoms completed. We’re 181 (Bracket 13) on the Guild Rank board, have a 18+ discord.

Requirements to be in the server :
LGBTQ friendly
NO religion NO politics

Send a PM to Nina#9328 to apply to this Fun/Casual Guild.

Seeking a few more.

Whippin’ the Krak needs new booty, so shake yo ass on over! 1350S/ 250K/ Kingdoms done/ 18+/ Discord. Match 3 with the dirty pirates of GOW Send a PM to Nina(Azure Angel) #9328
Or Wanda-Ful#3744 come and join our Fun & Frendly Family

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Join our family to bring some fun back to gems!

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Leader’s discord handle changed, editing the original post.