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Question about Guild Guardian Statue Bonusses

I’ve been looking everywhere for a list of which bonus you get at which level for each guild guardian statue.

Because on mobile I’m in a guild which has lower levels than on PS4, and I’d like to know on which colour of tasks to focus first to attain certain bonusses.

I managed to get purple mastery up to 30 (for the soul bonus) and I only need one red mastery to get it to 40 (for the tribute bonus), but I don’t know on what to focus next… So the following info would be nice:

For example, something like:

  • green statue lvl.10 = +x bonus
  • green statue lvl.20 = +y bonus
  • green statue lvl.30 = +z bonus
    and so on…

I’ve been Googling and searching this forum, but I just don’t seem to get the right information.
If you do have a handly link that I’ve overlooked, I would be grateful to point me on the right direction.

Hopefully our lovely PC/mobile forumites can help us out with that information while we eagerly await our console update :wink:

And it might be a nice addition to the Community Guides.

Many thanks!

The things I currently know from my status in the Guild on the mobile version:

Red: 2% Tribute Chance at level 40
Blue: +10% XP at level 30
Green: +2 Map Turns at level 40
Yellow: +2% Tribute Amount at level 30
Purple: +10% Souls at level 30
Brown: 0 ??? Glory at level 50

The highest level is 100:

Red: 6% Tribute Chance at level 100
Blue: +50% XP at level 100
Green: +6 Map Turns at level 100
Yellow: +10% Tribute Amount at level 100
Purple: +50% Souls at level 100
Brown: +2 Glory at level 100

My guild started in high 30s and reached level 40 with following values:
Red: 3% Tribute Chance at level 40
Blue: +20% XP at level 40
Green: +3 Map Turns at level 40
Yellow: +4% Tribute Amount at level 40
Purple: +20% Souls at level 40
Brown: +? Glory at level 50

Before it was:
Red: 2% Tribute Chance at level xx
Blue: +15% XP at level xx
Green: +2 Map Turns at level x
Yellow: +3% Tribute Amount at level xx
Purple: +15% Souls at level xx
Brown: +0 Glory

So the bonus could be:
Red: 2/3/4/5/6 % Tribute Chance for level 20/40/60/80/100

  • 1% per 20 level starting with 2%

Blue: 5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50 % XP for level 10/20/30/40/50/60/70/80/90/100

  • 5% per 10 level

Green: 1/2/3/4/5 Map Turns for level 20/40/60/80/100

  • 1 Map Turn per 20 level

Yellow: 2/4/6/8/10 % Tribute Amount for level 20/40/60/80/100

  • 2% per 20 level

Purple: Same as Blue but with Souls

  • 5% per 10 level

Brown: 1/2 Glory at level 50/100

  • 1 Glory per 50 level
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Many thanks Izibaar! :smile:

Are these permanent or temporary buffs?

Permanent as long as you remain in the guild.

…and continue to complete the guild donations…

I’m fairly certain they don’t start until you have fully donated each statue, and then it’s roughly a one week buff. Did this change? I know that is how it was originally.

This does stack, so if as long as you can complete all guild statues before end of week, they will effectively be “permanent buffs”

This thread’s about the permanent guild statue bonuses to treasure map turns and experience earnings, not the temporary troop buffs completing 12/12 tasks each week.

The bonuses discussed in this thread are permanent while a member of the guild, as I said above.

Ahh yes, at some point must have combined the two in my head not realizing their were separate benefits.

We’ve activated the 15 map turns at level 60 on the green statue but we still only get 12 turns. I’m pretty sure that this has already been mentioned elsewhere, I’ve certainly mentioned it somewhere!

I’m reactivating this thread before creating another one. And my question is quite similar to the last one (and that is not answered)

We finally reached level 50 on brown statue with my guild, so we unlock the “+1 glory”. But I don’t see where it applied.
For exemple, when I do a PvP taking the hardest opponent, I win 10 glory corresponding to the 5 for ‘hard mode’ + 5 for the current event (+5 if dragon team). So where’s the +1 glory ?

I’m pretty sure that before we reach level 50 the reward for easy/middle/hard PvP were 3/4/5, but maybe i’m wrong and it was 2/3/4 and the +1 apply here.

So, did I miss something ?

The hard PVP gives a base of 4 glory, so you are getting the +1 (5)


hmmm… our guild has green at 100, but I still only have 14 starting turns…there was no increase from 99 to 100.

Treasure hunt starts at 8 turns, 14 is what you should have at level 100