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List of guild statue tasks by level?

Has anyone created a list of which rewards we get for completing each statue at each level?

For example,

Blue Task Level 4 requires 65,000 gold and yields 5 stars and 30 Gems.

Yellow Task Level 5 requires 100,000 gold for completion and yields 6 stars and 16 Glory keys.

I am curious because Green statue tasks provide both Treasure Maps as well as Event keys, and Brown statue tasks provide both Gold and Glory keys. What I’ve never seen to date is which statue levels provide Glory rewards.

Also, how much gold is required in total to complete all 6 statues to 12/12 every week…

Help? Thanks.

There is one, I thought I had it bookmarked but I don’t. I’m on mobile right now so I’ll find it and post once I’m back at my PC if someone else doesn’t beat me to it.

Thank you. Would be worthwhile adding the statue list to the Wikia :}


I figured someone would beat me to the punch! Thanks, @SirMione! :slight_smile: