Guild guardian statues change w/mastery

It was mentioned in the post below that there are different guild guardian statues for different mastery levels:

I just checked, and it’s true! Increasing mastery makes the statues more ornate. Unfortunately, I can’t see all the different options. (I’m on iOS, which limits my ability to go data diving.) Can someone do me a favor and show me all the different statues I haven’t been paying attention to for the last six months?

Formatting is going to take a little bit… editing as I go. EDIT: Done. Unfortunately I can’t find a way to scale the thumnails down to make them show side-by-side.








Very cool. Thanks for putting these up so quickly. They seem like a labor of love to me; it’s not possible for anyone except Steam players to compare side-by-side statues to see how they change, and without that the upgrades happen so rarely you could miss them completely.

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