Queries about New Delve Rooms

Version 4.7.5 surprised us all with the introduction of four new Delve Rooms. I’m curious about some aspects of this.

  1. Are the new rooms permanent, or just for Lunar New Year? (They have a ratty theme.)

  2. Can they appear in any delve, in any place where their equivalents could previously?

  3. Can they appear in Tower of Doom? (Except the treasure room, of course.)

  4. What was the thinking behind their design? They seem a bit tougher (more annoying) and less rewarding than average.

  5. What’s the thinking behind not mentioning them in patch notes or anywhere else? (Same thing happened with the last wave of new rooms.)

Thanks for any info, @Saltypatra :slight_smile:
I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s curious.


You have questions and I have answers!!!

  1. New rooms are permanent.
  2. They can appear in any delve.
  3. They can also appear in Tower of Doom.
  4. From time to time we’ll add new rooms… mostly themed around something (probably newer troops). Sometimes they’ll be a bit harder, sometimes a bit easier.
  5. As for not mentioning them in the patch notes… that was a simple oversight… they tend to be created quite early in the update process, and by the time it comes to patch-note-making day, we’ve forgotten we did them! (We have taken note that you would like this to be specifically mentioned in the patch notes. :slight_smile: )

Thanks so much, for the info!

Regarding the patch notes, that totally makes sense. I thought they might be considered surprise content, which I’m fine with. Just seemed a bit odd. :slight_smile:

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Ah. This is the first time I think I’ve seen an explanation for why the patch notes often don’t match the patch. Might I respectfully request a tweak?

What if, when a dev decides a feature is done, they add that feature to the patch notes. That way instead of making guesses at the start that can be wrong depending on how the chips fall, or making guesses at the end where you might forget things, the patch notes become a kind of living, “What we’ve done so far this patch” and represents victory as it gets longer?

And if a dev finishes a feature without adding them to the patch notes, that dev owes the office a round of beverages at the release party for every absent feature :wink:


And the forums!!! :heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’ll have an orange mocha frappuccino, please.

Love this! :laughing: :heart: