New dungeon bosses

Will there be new dungeon bosses appearing in any upcoming updates?

There’s something called “Dragon’s Path” scheduled for the next update, it looks like it might be a complete rework of the dungeon mode. Maybe we can pester the community manager team to provide some spoilers? *poke* @Kafka *poke*

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It would be good to have a change in the dungeon or even at the last dungeon it could be 4 bosses to fight…something more challenging.

There is some sort of change coming that uses the word dungeon. Everyone who knows what it is keeps their mouths shut because they are not suppose to talk about it, but it looks like there is going to be some sort of random nature to each fight, where you chose what room you want to do next. It is possible to get a bad room. If you are lucky on all fights you get a new resource call dragonite or something like that. You then use this new resource to craft a new troop type in the soulforge. Not sure how it is going to work, because there is an achievement that is for crafting a dragon egg…and we also know there are 7 new mythic dragons coming…but we will have to see when it hits.


I’d love to see the statement “upcoming bug flood” in the loading screen
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Objection, this doesn’t even feel vaguely helpful! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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