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Queen Mab Counters

I know crying nerf makes people lose their minds, so regardless of how I feel personally about her relative power, I know the Dev team likes to push counters before nerfs. Which got me to thinking: What would a new counter troop look like?

The most obvious is a troop with Impervious and a new immunity to mana burn trait, which would really slow down the 2x Mab teams on defense. It would also eat up 2 traits, which kind stinks, but I’m having a hard time figuring out another option.

I am using Mab team against Mabs and that has done wonders for me.



Probably not the answer you are looking for tho. Not all have Mabs, and there is surely some other good counters out there. :slight_smile:

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That’s basically what I do. It’s odd, but both Maw/Mercy and Mab are most effectively countered by themselves.

I agree that any other manufactured counter would need mana-burn immunity and ideally at least Insulated, if not Impervious.

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Troops that inflict disease is also an option, maybe, but those seems dull and boring for me at least.

I too use my Mab team. It’s basically easy mode for any team imaginable. It’s undefeated in a few hundred battles, and I’ve actually taken to using other teams b/c there’s so little challenge. The closest call I’ve had is when my team started off super slow against a 2x Maw team and one got off its spell on one of my Mabs.

I have a bad record using Mabs against Maw teams tho, maybe it just my luck.

i am wierd, i prefer using frozen banner over red/yellow, so that each valk cast fully fills both mabs

No wrong in that. All about taste. :slight_smile:

true, i also generally try to obliterate as many reds as i can with sooth, making the match go easier

Only time my Sooth/Mab/Valk/Mab team has lost is when a maw devours my Valk and I lose my blue maker.

Silence and mana drain certainly slows it down though.

Given Maw’s high cost and that skull spammers also tend to have high costs, I usually find them pretty easy to deal with b/c of Frozen (especially since the AI will avoid matches of frozen colors). The only trick is to use Soothsayer to kill skulls so Maw doesn’t get off a lucky Devour, but even then it’s just delaying the inevitable.

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Yeah, it is a good tactic, I agree, but I think that you get what I meant, sometimes CPUs Maw teams is just unstoppable, and then its often done.

I think I suck at using Soothsayer. I’ve had much more success with Gorgotha/Mab/Valk/Mab. Against other Mab teams, you just leave skulls up, and they never get to cast.

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Gorgotha in first position is a very good option too, indeed.

Gotta use Soothsayer to blow up the biggest Yellow/Purple cluster so Mercy doesn’t full-charge Maw on turn one… One thing Mab is kind of crap at is killing an engorged Maw - no mana pool to hit, and he’s too big to really hurt with an (otherwise stupidly powerful) AOE ability particularly quickly. You can get the double cast off (assuming he didn’t eat one of the Mabs) and he’ll still have 100hp left.

I can see how Soothsayer is faster than Gorgotha, especially helpful vs Maw/Mercy. Vs opposing Mab teams though, I think Gorgotha works out better since the AI will take skulls instead of priming Valk.

I just won a game vs Maw/IK/Alch/Mercy, where I couldn’t stop a Mercy cast 1st turn, Maw devoured both Gorgotha and Ancient Horror, and IK revived. Once Mab blows up the rest of their team, superMaw is just a matter of denying skulls.

I’ve found Soothsayer to be better overall b/c of the lower cost, Empowered, and the Magic buff. The latter is very helpful when Maw gets off his spell since it helps offset the lost damage on mana burn. That said, Gorgoha up front is like a warm blanket, and his explosions are very satisfying.

You did just remind me of another close call I had, which was when IK got resurrected 3 times. Pretty sure that took me down to just my final Mab. Definitely some crazy lucky RNG is the only threat to the 2x Man team.

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I beleive it was confirmed that we are getting this.

It is not confirmed. It was data-mined.

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Oh my bad. So that means that they have created the counter but it is not implimented yet just like a bunch of cards we know of that still have not been finished or released.