Quality of life recommendation: Grinding metre

My request is that there be a little box that shows how many resources we have collected in the battle near the bottom right hand corner of the opponents’ side of the field. Most players have reached a point where they are grinding x resource and lose track are can’t even keep track of the resources they have created through their troops’ spells. It would be nice to know when to stop using a troops spell to get resources and finish up a battle such as alchemist or valkyrie for gold and souls respectively. I know that the biggest complaint about this is there is no room or you can just keep track but for some troops that is not possible because they have variable effects that alter how much resources you get.

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Provided there were screen real estate for it, I agree; it is hard to tell when you’ve maximized resource gain within a fight. A complication here is that the client doesn’t make the final determination as to how many resources were gained, but rather the server; and during a fight, the client doesn’t communicate with the server at all. However, it should be possible to have, say, a gold meter (without units) that can fill to cap. The question is, where would you put it?

Dangerous question… :smiling_imp:
I would put all the gold into my pocket. :wink:

You could put meters next to the sides of the board. You can fit 4 meters, represented by the items you can collect, next to the sides. The meters can be tall and thin but wide enough to be read easily.

If you wanted to add in Keys then you could max it a 2x2 and have the columns a bit wider. The idea would be they would fill up as you got close to the cap.

That is the gist of it yes. you could also make the meters taller too. Just like how you can enable the mana counter, it should be toggleable as well.

Numbers, numbers, numbers!

I think that displaying it on top would be better.

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My idea for the side ones was that they would have numbers in them as well, maybe something like



Or something.

I like your layout as well though!

My concern is that those numbers would become very tiny on some devices… And to maybe redesign the screen would be something for later since it’s a “good but not essential” feature.

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The numbers would be hard to represent especially on a 6in screen however it might be possible to read. How well can you read the numbers for mana on Iphone or similar device?

While the image (which is a mobile screenshot) doesn’t give you the best idea… I’ve had no issues with the mana numbers on mobile at all. They’re perfectly clear.

So i guess the answer is well enough? I can see the numbers really well so having the numbers overtop the logo in question should be ok right? Ei a number over the gold symbol or number over the soul symbol?

Yeah, it would be fine I believe.

In order to reduce clutter I think it could show up when we click on the troop whose spell we’re using. A counter for keys and maps can show up here too.

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I think the list should be in the upper most banner. The sides are probably there to ease adjustments for different screen sizes. I would love to see that, and I would love to see a history of how many times we have completed a challenge. The challenge counter would help dispel the notion that traits just never drop.

The sides do scale with the resizing of the game.

my kid has a square monitor - those sides are barely on his machine. i like it at the top. that at least already is there for everyone.

Good piont. Your kid must have one of those tube monitors from 1995-2007 or so.

no its just not wide screen… my family are all IT hoarders… i mean we have working commadors and apple 2e’s. this was just a monitor that was in the back of the storage pile. its thin but still square… maybe 5 or 6 years old?

You’d want the meters to be smart enough to update correctly when your +% Souls / +% Gold troops die.