More ingame data


Some intel I wouldn’t mind seeing:

  • Some numerical data on xp. How much do we need to level up? How much do we earn from a battle or quest? How are the values determined at all?
  • An ingame way to see what stats will increase when leveling up a troop and/or what the max will be
  • Some indicator which values on a spell are affected by magic level (and maybe how). “Create 5 green gems and gain 3 attack” Which will raise with magic? The attack or the gems or both? Maybe give the affected numbers a different color than the rest of the text?

Despite my heaps of criticism I do like this game, that’s why I’m here asking for improvements.
If I didn’t like it I would walk way and not bother :wink:


1 and 3 are actually really good suggestion and I agree/support 'em. The second seems to be kinda useless tho.


I am a big fan of in-game data / stats. The OP requests all seem like useful things to me. Sure, most of it could be looked up via guides / third party sources, but having it right there in the game is always good.

Along the same lines we have the expanded stats about invades and defends which is awesome. A good expansion of that nice addition would be a track of auto-defend wins / losses as well. In addition to the wins / losses, it would be fun to see total gold gained from invades / revenges, as well as gold recovered / lost from revenges. If possible (and if they aren’t planned on being tied into anything amazing) the ability to reset the stats (or the addition of a resettable column of those stats) might be cool as well.

In a previous thread there was a discussion about a more realm-based kingdom overview with current levels, tributes, troop counts, etc. expressed in a tabular form. That would be a great add as well.

As with all in-game data fun-points nothing that should qualify as a #1 priority for the devs, just something that they can kick around when between big cycles, or when they need to rest their mind from the “real” game needs for a while.

I realize nothing is ever “simple” when it comes to changing complex code based systems, but as a fellow programmer some tasks are just lower pressue and more “fun”.



Regarding 2, we already have various really nice looking progress charts, e.g. for arena and pvp rewards. I wouldn’t mind seeing the same for troop levels.

  1. You get 1 XP per enemy killed, then boosted by armour and other bonuses. Cost to level up varies - it increases every level up to about level 80-100 (from memory) then flat-lines - can’t remember at what value, sorry. It takes about 15 battles to level up once you’re in the end game, I think, which is (used to be) about an hour’s play. Personally I’m not fussed on seeing these as numbers, as you can see the bar filling up and you get used to how much each battle does.

  2. That’s available on this web-site - agree with @serale that it feels useless having it in-game.

  3. That’s also available on this website, but also agree that a quick visual aid in the spell description (like Hearthstone does) would be useful.

Oops, I said the ‘H’ word…