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I’m here with an idea for the open public API of your game, stuff inside. Have you ever considered that? Have you seen what can be brought in for the game in the matter of stats and other valuable information, when the community contribute? You might want to have a look on e.g. API Challenges made by Riot Games about their game League of legeds.

How interesting might be to watch the guild raise from the ashes to the top or slowly declining towards the forgotten realm, when nobody wants to be part of that guild any more. How about statistics about the PVP’s - what is used most for defence, what is used the least, and what is the win rate of each of the card in the specific combo, overall?

I bet you have all this data sitting somewhere and maybe you are watching those (as seems by the last post of the new week reward and the stats about goblins), but might be interesting to release access to some of those to the big bad world and see, what it will bring.

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Two things I think would be useful:

  • The ability to pull data about our own character and troops. This could be useful either for publicly displaying our progress, such as in forum signatures or on other social media, and for putting into spreadsheets or calculators, for counting troops and traitstones and the like, without having to manually input and maintain all that data.

  • Pulling guild data, like the activity stream, for record-keeping and statistics. It would make guild management easier, things like tracking contributions to trophies and guild tasks over time.


This would be so very welcome. A csv text file with:
troop ID, quantity, level, rarity, traits

So something like:
3, 12, 18, 3, 2

would mean troop #3, you own 12, at level 18, upgraded to ‘epic’, and first 2 traits unlocked.

Then a line at the end with your inventory (gold, gems, glory, souls, maps, traitstones)


And there you go - this is exactly the reason, why I posted this request. People got involved and started to think about the way how to use these stats/info.

@Stinolez Thanks for making this post. I would love to have a csv file generated with my character and troop stats so that I could build a program to track my progress. Better yet, I’d love to make a program that could do some statistical analysis of cards used/not used in PVP. So basically, it would be great if GoW had a public API for us coders to play with it.

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I also think this needs to exist!

While I would love a public API to code against, I don’t think it’s a realistic expectation. First, it exposes information that the company would need to decide to make public (for example, number of active or total players), and as far as I can tell their authentication piggybacks on Steam and the mobile platforms’ built-in auth so any private data would be difficult to expose. As well, APIs have to be maintained as new versions come about, which is a non-zero cost which does not translate to revenue.

I will clarify my statement, I think there should be a file that you can use to see all of your own personal stats such as troops levels traits kingdoms Kingdom levels at cetera just a text file of some kind or something I don’t really know much about that kind of thing but I do know that something like that is possible. It would work really really well with @turintuor great to do monitor.


I did an application to keep an overview of your progress.
You can find it there: GoW: ToDo Monitor

Currently, you have to update the data manually… It costs some time but I think it’s okay.
I would be very happy to retrieve directly our own data from the game using some public API like OP suggested.