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Quality of Life Issue when Changing Teams

@Saltypatra asked for Quality of Life suggestions last week. I’m a bit slow off the mark, but here’s the explanation I promised her for a suggested improvement when changing teams. It really needs to be shown to understood, so I have both screenshots and an 11 second video!

Short Version

The short version is, when we go to change teams, we can’t see the team above the one we just had selected. This is both annoying and a little bit silly. My suggestion is that we be able to see the team before our most recent selection, so we can easily move either up or down the team list.

…With Pictures

Here’s what I mean:

In the first image, I was using my “Tree O’Clok Jump” team, but decided to switch to something else by clicking on the team name box. The game shows me the next two teams in my team list, half of the team after that, but only a sliver of the team above (not enough of it to click/tap). If I selected “…Key the Light”, used that for one battle, then wanted to go back to “Tree O’Clok Jump” , I would have to actively scroll up to get back to it.

In the second image, you can see my recommendation for a much better display. This time, after deciding “Tree O’Clok Jump” was the wrong team for this battle, the game shows me both the team above and below what I was previously using, by default. It’s just as easy to move up my list of teams as it is down.

In the short, 11s video, below, you can see how annoying it is to change from “…Key the Light” to the team above, “Tree O’Clok Jump.”


Why this is important?

Most players use only a handful of teams in the wild (ie: outside of troop-restricted events). Personally, I switch back and forth between Skeleton Key and Rowanne teams all the time. Switching in one direction is must faster than the other. That makes no sense, and is annoying as a result.

This will affect every player!

How easy is this to fix?

Very easy. The hardest part would be finding exactly where the code is that needs to be changed. That little sliver above your most-recent team is (presumably) deliberate. That means the game is already calculating an offset for the display; that it’s already checking it doesn’t exceed the top and bottom of the list. So all that needs to be done, is the offset changed by one full team.

Please consider this for the next wave of Quality of Life changes.

PS: For those who missed the jazz references in my team names, the actual songs are called:

  • Birdland – Sunbird team
  • Three O’Clock Jump – Rowanne is a tree spirit
  • I’m Beginning to … See the Light – Skeleton Key
  • O’Lady Be Good – an old Essence of Evil team
  • Take the A Train – used for testing

I’ve experienced this frustration too.


Thank you for writing this.

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Bumping this just since it’s been bugging me lately, particularly with the Vault Weekend, when switching between teams – and it’s hard to say whether or not it’s been seen.

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