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QoL issue: trade all extra pets for food

There was already a request of this feature almost 2 years ago: Please add an equivalent to "disenchant all" to pets . Looks like nobody cared. So I’d like to remind about this useful thing. Please add just one button like “Trade All Extras”, because it’s too boring to scan all pets (about 150 for now) for extra ones and trade just 1-2 or them for food.


It was obvious to everyone so not one person commented and it became forgotten. I necroed the original feature request. Hopefully people commented or we can try again in a couple years when we have even more pets.


How did I not know this?! Thank you for this thread. Also yes, back to the OP, a trade all would be nice.

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I didn’t know either! Although I get pets so slowly, I’m usually rolling in food of at least one type.

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I used to have that issue, now I have the opposite. I dont have enough pet food. I have 53 pets waiting to be levelled, including 3 to 20, but cant. I only feed pets that are actively blocking kingdom progression because often I dont have food for them. IF ONLY I KNEW ABOUT TRADE FOR FOOD BEFORE OMG.

Hey there everyone!

I really like the suggestions you’ve all brought up here. I’ve add this to my report and will pass this to the Dev Team to consider.

Thanks so much for posting :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective: