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Please add an equivalent to "disenchant all" to pets

To get all the extra pet food from extra pets, we have to click on each pet individually. This could be a single button to the UI in the same vein as disenchant all for troops.


The problem with common sense suggestions like this is that everyone agrees, no one posts comments and it quickly drops to obscurity. Perhaps if people pinged the feature request we could show the devs we care about it.

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Only 12 likes and no comments other than me? Come on people let’s make this a thing.

I’m not opposed to it being a thing (I’m one of the 12 “likes”), but I do wonder why, after a certain point, it would ever be necessary or helpful to have.

My mother’s account is a better example than my own — she has a pet mastery level of only 2,045 (the current max is a lot higher, yeah?), and maybe a few dozen of each colored pet food. Some colors she has 0.

But she also has over 8k white pet foods. So she’s really not hurting for the ability to max pets right away, at a sustainable rate, and without disenchanting the pets she does already have maxed.

So maybe that’s why there’s less enthusiasm? Because people don’t really feel the need to transform their pets into food in the first place? :man_shrugging:

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