PvP Teams for 2/22/16


I mentioned in another thread that I’d try to keep track of who I fought in PvP so here it is:

109 (Won): Orion, Jarl, Hydra, Hero w/Eye of Xathenos
90 (Won): Skeleton, Alistair, Revenant, Keeper of Souls
149 (Won): Behemoth, Atalanta, Hero w/Rain of Arrows, Hobgoblin
94 (Won): Goblin, Boar Rider, Goblin Shaman, Hobgoblin
224 (Won Revenge): Hero w/Javelin of War, Lady Sapphira, Crimson Bat, Siren
189 (Won Revenge): Jarl, Valkyrie, Keghammer, Frost Giant
198 (Won Revenge): Skeleton, Imp of Love, Sunweaver, Keeper of Souls
256 (Try Another): Venoxia, Celestia, Bone Dragon, Sheggra
106: (Won) Goblin, Boar Rider, Goblin Shaman, Hobgoblin
877 (Try again): Goblin Shaman, Boar Rider, Goblin Rocket, Soothsayer
195: (Won) Goblin, Goblin Rocket, Goblin Shaman, Boar Rider
178: (Won) Goblin, Boar Rider, Goblin Rocket, Hobgoblin
190: (Won) Vampire Lord, Bone Dragon, Wolf Knight, Shadow Dragon
242: (Won Revenge): Goblin King, Goblin Shaman, Boar Rider, Hobgoblin
261: (Try Another): Sylvasi, Green Slime, Green Seer, Keeper of Souls
298 (Try Another): Imp of Love, Gloom Leaf, Green Slime, Sheggra
157 (Won): Webspinner, Atlanta, Hero w/Spark Rocket 2.0.16, Goblin King
196 (Won): Goblin, Goblin Rocket, Goblin Shaman, Boar Rider
204 (Won): Hero w/Bullroarer, Luther, Vampire Lord, Goblin Shaman
573 (Won Revenge): Hero w/Summer Fury, Herdmaster, Bone Dragon, Jarl
121 (Won Revenge): Hobgoblin, Goblin Shaman, Boar Rider, Goblin
200 (Won): Hobgoblin, Gob Chomper, Boar Rider, Goblin Shaman
179 (Won): Gorgotha, Imp of Love, Hobgoblin, Hero w/Crescendo
226 (Won): Hero w/Javelin of War, Lady Sapphira, Crimson Bat, Siren

24 Matches, 20 Fought

6 Full Goblin Teams
2 3+ Goblin Teams with one additional troop

No True Shot, Rock Worm, or Skeleton teams


Well, 4x goblin teams shouldn’t be an issue anymore. They look big, but something like 3x Gob-Chomper with Acolyte literally devours them. xD Not to mention in 1.0.9 goblins will have to deal with freeze. This should knock them down to being average at best. Things like 3x Rock Worm and the such will also be obsolete nest patch with freeze, so maybe some people already planned ahead.

I think next patch will have:

  • As many 4x Fey teams as there currently are Maruader teams
  • Exploders being used more often
  • A comeback to Whitehelm (there is a 9th troop coming there within the next month or so that looks like it will be a divine type)
  • Hero being used again, especially with higher leveled players and with teams that have no kingdom/type synergy

All the current builds will still survive, but I think pure skull builds may die some.


I’m just pointing out that for this week for 24 matches what I encountered. Aside from 1/3 of Goblin teams, the rest of the teams seems quite varied for the mostly 225-ish levels down to 90. Couple Bone Dragons, couple Green Slime, but no other type of team or card “dominance”.


And i faced at the very least 50% Goblins and True Shot/skulldragon variant teams this week in more than 100 games, a sample size that says … well nothing really just as yours doesn’t, considering the many thousand games that are played every week.

As for predictions to 1.09, we will see more fey teams as soon as Glooms traits are easily attainable by glory packs, Glooms traits make a fey team more powerful than the dryad buffs will.
Hoping to see more Dryads outside fey teams though, were she may not be vastly outclassed by Sunweaver anymore, we’ll see.
Looking forward to the Whitehelm thingy and Barbearius the master exploder being the bane of all fey barrier teams!..

Oh and Gobbos are not going to be hit that hard by 1.09, the way the Ai plays them frozen will have a minor impact on them, and they are already set up perfectly to handle barrier teams.
That being said, they are already average in the current meta compared to the TS/skull madness, so how well they will be situated in 1.09 strongly depends on what happens with TS or skull generators.
Rock worms on the other hand … well there aren’t many of those around already so who cares if frozen will kill it.:sunglasses:


Oh, I agree, although it would be interesting to know what levels players they were. I am merely posting my experiences because everyone keeps saying goblin/true shot/(previously) rock worm/skeletons teams are widespread and my (lone) experiences says they’re not. Of course, I could be in the minority and/or just not have hit the players this week, so I guess we’ll see in weeks to come.