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PVP points related to VIP and armor

Does VIP status and armor has any effect on the amount of PVP points you earn in a battle? I suspect they do. I am VIP 3, my twin brother VIP 0, we are both of similar level, have the same kingdom bonuses, but i am earning a lot more points during PVP. Either it is a bug or it is intended. If it is intended, i don’t believe this is a good thing. VIP chest, okay, more experience okay, more gold okay, more souls okay, but the ladder should be an equal fight for everybody.

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Unless you’re both the same level, a difference in PvP point earning is normal.

Screenshots would probably be the best way to decipher the issue.

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Can’t make screenshots. Playing on my tablet. The pictures are too big to upload. Here are our current stats.

30.044 points
688 wins, 6 losses
71 defense wins, 200 defense losses

261 wins, 1 loss
45 defense wins, 86 defense losses

Based on this luoma needs 100 more wins to get around the same amount of points, even despite his winning and defense records are better.

I don’t think that Armour or VIP level affect PVP points.

I fully agree that they shouldn’t.

Needs devs to advise… @sirrian?

This doesn’t really tell me much, considering I don’t know either of your Hero’s levels. Levels and maxed kingdoms play a big part in the new PvP’s algorithm.

Not to mention you two could be battling different opponent difficulties. E.g. You always choose the toughest (3rd) opponent while your brother always picks the middle (2nd).

The 1st opponent always provides the least, 2nd provides a fair amount, and the 3rd offers a hefty some.

Same kingdoms maxed, always battled the hard opponent. luoma hero level is a bit higher, but not that much to justify the amount of point difference.

The higher your level, the less points you’ll receive in battle, as well as the more points you’ll lose on defense. So the fact that luoma has more than a third of your losses in defense plays a part in his score.

I can’t gauge because I don’t know either of your exact levels, but even a 20 level difference is big in deciphering placement in the new PvP’s algorithm.

bump, @Sirrian, @Nimhain, @Andrew

Can someone explain how the points are calculated and why there is such a difference between me and my brother?

@Royalty I am still trying to figure it out, but here are my current thoughts.

From what I’ve been seeing, it seems like the “Power Ranking” of the team you are attacking, plus the player’s either rank or level factors into the calculations.

If I put up a higher power level defend team, I seem to get to face higher power level teams to attack for more points.

Right now I have my lowest level, least trait filled team on defense. I was able to push my defense ranking down to around 5,500. This has me facing more hard teams around 7,000. Normally I run a defense team around 8,500 which has me facing more 8,000+ teams.

So far, it seems like I get less PvP points vs the 7,000 teams.

If I figure anything out more fully, I’ll let you know.

So here are too few data points to be useful, but, something you can look for.
Points - Team Rating - Player Level - Player Rank
30 - 7058 - 552 - 1038
34 - 7569 - 656 - 983
39 - 7894 - 437 - 3160

So far it looks to me like the Team Rating you face is the main factor. As I said though, I am just starting to try and figure it out.