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PvP pairings

Returning player here.

In PvP I´m frequently paired up with players who have 140,150 HP and up to 60 atck - which is about twice as much as me (as I didn´t know if I keep on playing I haven´t joined a guild).

Are these realistic numbers for a 1000+ player nowadays or has GoW given up on PvP balancing completly and is busting the numbers to keep PvP “interesting”?

For third row its normal, if em are too strong for you, theres other 2 : )

Thank you, but that wasn´t quite my question. I´m frankly interested, if these are values one can realistically achieve.
PvP has never been well balanced, but I don´t want to play against arbitrarily invented teams.

If a player has topped delve, 15 lvl kingdomes with highest possible power, medals on troops - yep, its possible. Some parties like goblins have a great numbers of health, for example.


Fair enough.
Thank you for taking your time.

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Being in a guild that has completed the Guild tasks + epic tasks + statues is equal to 2.5k team score in stats alone.
Which is around:
6 Attack
4 Magic
16 Liife
16 Armour

Of course those stats are then further inflated with various percentages of team bonuses/pet bonuses.


Thank you for listing the bonuses, Cairnso. I remembered, that I have disadvantages (stat-wise) not being in a guild but I couldn´t have told how high they were by heart.

Here’s where most stats come from.
I have every kingdom levelled to 15. And all possible power levels >20 for stats.
I am missing 1 Life stat from Renown at 80k.
Then medals can be used and the campaign artifact.

Hope this helps. It is certainly possible to get these missing stats, but it is a marathon to get there. They will come in dribs and drabs.


Yes, it does help very much. At the moment I´m trying to reorient which daily tasks are mandatory and how my daily investment would look like (besides the requirements of an halfway competitive guild) .

Thank you for taking your time, it was very kind.

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Keep in mind too when anyone in a guild gets a pet rescue everyone in the guild gets that pet rescue. Those pet bonuses also stack with the bonus of guilds plus any bonus you get from having multiple troops from one colour/kingdom/type. This post breaks down how many of each are required for each bonus.

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Thank you havok, I remember that much. :slight_smile:

To put my posts in some context, I´m slightly above Lvl 1300 and played bracket 2-4 for some time before my break. At the moment I´m not quite sure if I´ll find connection to current player stats. I think, that pets are something I could catch up with.
Kingdoms - not so much, as these scroll thingis (deeds and the other ones you need to craft them) seem to be rather scarse. Delve attempts are limited too, so I´m condemned to run after.

Well, will see. Thank you for your imput.

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Make sure to always do the daily adventures ( I assume you already do) and check the daily gem deals. If you do arena you can unlock up to 3 more bonus daily gem deals that have a reduced gem cost. This can help you to get the deeds needed to upgrade kingdoms up to kingdom lvl 15 faster after that is the extra slow crawl needing book of deeds. Raising the power levels also will get you bonus stats. I always prioritize kingdom bonus by magic>attack>life/defense
Sorry if any of this information is not needed by you personally but it never hurts to be thorough and even if you don’t need to know it chances are someone reading this post will benefit from the information all the same :smile: good luck!