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Enemy PvP stats are higher

Looking at the enemy team ‘Scout’ I noticed that all of the enemy team seems to have higher stats. Queen Mab has 63 Hit points. To make the comparison correct I mirrored the enemy team exactly. My Queen only has 55 Hit points (other stats are different too) with exactly the same (Goblin) team. This is on the PC.

Both mine and theirs are Mythic in Rarity. All of my Kingdoms are level 10 with 5 or more stars.

Screen shots attached:


Thats because they are in Guilds that has done all the basic tasks. 3 more attack, 2 more magic, 8 more life and 8 more armor is applied to each of their troops then.


Thanks for the answer I was wondering if that might be the case but I couldn’t be sure as my guild has never completed any of the tasks (we get to like 10/12).


You are welcome. If you are a great player that puts a lot more time and effort in this game than your other guild mates I recommend you to go to a guild that does all the basic tasks etc. It will be worth it and you deserves it.

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On that note, :star: :star: Intrim 2 :star: :star: has an opening right now! Our bonuses are constantly active. Like many of the top ten guilds, we do ask for a lot, but it’s worth it for what you get in return. On the other hand, if you’re happy with your current guild, please feel free to ignore this (:star: utterly shameless :star:) plug.


Thanks for all of the replies. Our guild is a decent guild that would be a lot better if the guild master played more often and culled the ranks of those who are inactive.

Level 1157. I play all of the GvG battles (I’m almost always the Paragon). Always generate 1500 seals, spend around 500,000 to 1 million in gold on the guild. Currently I don’t PvP much more than the GvG battles (plus weeks with PvP rewards I play more of them).

Not sure if that’s enough for a top ten guild.


I am the GM of Intrim 2, currently #9 on the trophy rankings and bracket 1/2 in GW. We require 500k gold and 1500 seals per week from our members, but also 300 trophies, whether from PVP, Arena, or casual. If that’s something you’re willing to put forward, I could invite you later tonight!

I can assure you that I play very often, and do actively police the guild. The entire Intrim family is pretty good about that; our GMs are quite invested.

I’m definitely interested in a good GW fighter. I made champion this week with 41k, just a few hundred shy from Paragon. Did I mention that we get 2-400 gems a week from Guild Wars alone?

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I’m definitely thinking about it. I’m told my current guild that I’m thinking about this invite as I don’t want to surprise the few loyal daily players.

Note that I had 42.6k last week in GvG but my current guild is only at bracket 32 (311 to 320). I’m sure that its more difficult at Bracket 1-2. I’ll post here later tonight about my decision. Probably 10:00 pm PST.


Hey Gameswalker -

Hope this is finding you well. I wanted to take a moment and encourage you to join Intrim 2. They’re a fantastic guild, and the 60 of us (players from Intrim 1 and Intrim 2) form a super friendly and fun group. I have little doubt you’d love your experience if you did make that jump.


I recommend you to contact Mean Machine, @Gameswalker. Great guild, down to earth people and active chat/discord.


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Another choice to consider is us lower Celestial Peak people. Rank 44, requirements are 500 seals/100 trophies/all GW fights done for the week. Promotions are 300k gold/ 1500 seals/ 300 trophies/ all GW fights done. We consider ourselves casual competetive, have several active people in guild chat, no discord stuff, we Do have a Facebook page though… 3 spots open as I write this. :slight_smile:

If you decide to come over to us try to contact @Sidousai our leader. He might be around then…

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Your conditions are enough for the top guilds, especially in these tough days. I recommend you choose some of the first ten guilds on the G&G ranking but instead of PVP, since you seem good at guild war.
I am from Tyrant.We are always within the top and last week reached 2nd. Nowdays we could finish more than 15 legency tasks every week, not to mention the 4w seals or something else. Enthusiasm counts the most. Please contact me if you have some intention for us guild.

For the 2nd, I mean the rank in GVG.Since the guild tasks give little, that’s where you can gain more than 1k diamonds.We don’t give much pressure on the time you spend on GW or amount of games,but encourage increasing the quality of your each game.Members in Tyrant spend much time discussing about tactics and skills,and give out many decks for GW,against the worsing environment ,especially in the Guild War nowdays.@Gameswalker


I have decided to accept your offer to join Intrim 2. I have left my old guild after wishing them the best of luck. My invite code is GAMESWALKER.

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Invite being organised mate. Sit tight :slightly_smiling_face:

Invite sent! I’ll run you through the basics tomorrow, it’s nearly 1am here. Thanks for joining us! Glad to have you aboard!

One important note: you need to accept the invite in the next 2 hours to be eligible for Guild Wars with us this week.

I figured that was the case. I’m all signed up.