PVP...or PCP? That's the question

Just amazed that there is someone who has the time for that many flawless games. I realize with time you get redonk teams capable of crazy things… But I just would love catching that kind of ultra kind AI… Er…rng…
(Hopes sarcasm is detected so edits quickly)

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This is almost surely a violation of the community guidelines. It’s supposed to be PMed to a dev for further investigation, regardless of how flagrant the cheating appears to be.

you reading a diff post than me?theres no naming of whos cheating on the thread i see


Whether that is actually the OP’s intent or not. He never says anything about cheating. Nor a players name in anyway. So this practice of calling out the OP for what YOU interpret the post to be saying… should be the actual violation of the community guidelines. Not the OP who expressed his thoughts and frustration without actually violating any rules while doing so.


I thought I was doing exactly that @awryan Thank you both (@en9nhcet) for seeing that.
Also I believed this was already brought up so a quick note sufficed.
I have so far to go to where this would even affect me. I mean I’m only around 11000 points. But that took lots of grinding w my thief and priest and some other teams (as I gain xp for them.)
I see some teams that wipe the floor w me. Esp divine.
But that does not preclude me from being able to say anything generally, @Grundulum
Still new about six months in

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Tx, was about to post about this but always reassuring to know there are vigilant eyes out there… Hope scripts are in place (or being developed) to ensure such irregularities are looked into.


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They probably getting my dang firebombs. Still no wins this week