PVP opponents almost always with 19k+ troops

Platform, device version and operating system: IOS

Screenshot or image: GoW — Postimages

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
The VP (victory points) are for some odd reason based on player level difference instead of team scores. Sometimes the easiest battles can give you the most VP.
I’m 1090 lvl. My troops are 14k. More often than not, I face all three opponents in PVP with 19k+ troops. Obviously it’s hard for me to beat them. Instead of getting base 90 VP for difficult fight, which would be fair, I get less VP due to the fact that the game ties VP to the level difference, not the power of the troops.
I don’t understand why all three opponents have the same high difficulty. I don’t have a choice of opponent, they are all tough.
Why can’t it be done like this? The opponent on the left is weak and gives less VP. The opponent in the center is equal to the scores of my troops and gives decent VP. The opponent on the right is strong and gives more VP.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Always. Since new PVP update.

Steps to make it happen again
Just start to play PVP.

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Your potential enemies in Pvp are chosen among other players, who are currently playing in the same game mode (and I would assume, also from the league, you are playing in only).
If you are constantly having troubles with your enemy selection, maybe, if possible, consider playing at a different time of the day.

P.S.: Also Central Spire is notoriously more difficult, because it is currently the only kingdom to properly save defense teams. If you have unlocked other Pvp kingdoms already, try those instead.


“Your potential enemies in Pvp are chosen among other players, who are currently playing in the same game mode” - I don’t think its correct information. When I check player profiles, some of them haven’t played for months.

I’m not referring to your 30 player bracket, but to the players, you get as enemies in fights.